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Shaker on Shields

Bob Shaker is one of those men whom I look up to in the faith. In his nineties, he has long been a model of fidelity to the truth. Shaker served at Jarvis Street Baptist Church in the days of T. T. Shields and has done much to keep the memory of Shields alive. Proof positive is his new website cataloguing everything Shields. If you are into the “Canadian Spurgeon” then this resource is must-reading. While you’re there, send Mr. Shaker a note, he’d really appreciate it.


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Codex Sinaiticus

Wow, this is a really neat website. Codex Sinaiticus is one of the oldest full manuscripts we have of the New Testament – it dates to the fourth century. It is housed in the British Library, but now the whole thing is being made available online. I have a picture of it at home, but I can barely make out the words (it’s a small picture – not a reflection of my Greek skills [which, well, ain’t great]). The website is still going through growing pains so you’ll have to keep checking it for more stuff.
[HT: Between Two Worlds]

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