I’ve posted a number of essays that I’ve written at Knol – a really cool site that allows you to contribute your writings to a growing field of research. Here’s my profile. The following are papers that I’ve written that you might find interesting, as more professional publications arise, I’ll link these as well:


“The English Reformation: Select Contemporary Historiography” in Mid-America Journal of Theology (forthcoming).

‘Since We Belong To the Day’: Death, Parousia and the Christian Life” in The Gospel Witness (March 2011): 6-10.

“James Ussher’s Ecclesiology” in Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 14.4 (Winter 2010): .

An Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics” in Hope’s Reason: A Journal for Apologetics 1 (2010-2011): 49-65.

Defending the Truth at Every Expense: Alexander Carson (1776-1844) on Baptism” in The Gospel Witness (June 2010).

“‘Hot Protestants’: A Taxonomy of English Puritanism” in Puritan Reformed Journal 2.1 (January 2010): 41-66.

“Alexander Carson (1776-1844): ‘Jonathan Edwards of the Nineteenth Century” in American Theological Inquiry 2.2 (July 2009): 43-52.

“The Passion of the Christ: Evaluating Mel Gibson’s Recent Movie on the Passion of our Lord” with Michael Haykin The Gospel Witness (April 2004):12-15.


Luther the Augustinian” (Unpublished paper for Dennis Ngien’s course on Martin Luther)

A Study of Athanasius’ ‘On the Incarnation of the Word of God’” (Unpublished paper for Kirk Wellum’s course in Christology)

An Evaluation of the New Perspective on Paul” (Unpublished paper for Pierre Constant’s course on New Testament Theology)

Ignatius of Antioch: Pneumatology in his Letters” (Unpublished paper for Michael Haykin’s reading seminar on Ignatius)

Ignatius of Antioch: The Authenticity of his Letters” (Unpublished paper for Michael Haykin’s reading seminar on Ignatius)


As well, I have the joy of writing book reviews for the very good website Discerning Reader. Here’s my profile. Here are reviews I’ve written for it and elsewhere:

Review of Robert Letham, Through Western Eyes (in Hope’s Reason).

Review of William Edgar and K. Scott Oliphint, Christian Apologetics: Past & Present: Volume 1: To 1500 (in Hope’s Reason).

Review of Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God (in Hope’s Reason).

Review of Michael Coren, Why Catholics Are Right (in Credo Magazine).

Review of Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney, Jonathan Edwards: Lover of God (in Barnabas magazine, Spring 2011).

Review of John D. Woodbridge’s Biblical Authority: A Critique of the Rogers/McKim Proposal.

Review of Mosab Hassan Yousef’s Son of Hamas.

Review of Dennis Ngien’s The Suffering of God According to Martin Luther’s Theologia Crucis.

Review of Leland Ryken’s Worldly Saints: The Puritans As They Really Were.

Review of Stanley Porter and Gordon Heath’s The Lost Gospel of Judas: Separating Fact From Fiction.

Review of Ivor Davison’s The Birth of the Church (for Michael Haykin’s course on patristics)

Review of Peter Brown’s Augustine of Hippo: A Biography (for Michael Haykin’s reading seminar on Augustine)

Evaluation of chapters 4-9 of John Owen’s The Glory of Christ (for Michael Haykin’s course on the Puritans)

Review of Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson’s Is Christianity Good for the World?

Review of John Muether’s Cornelius Van Til: Reformed Apologist and Churchman

Review of Sinclair Ferguson’s John Owen and the Christian Life

Review of Dennis Ngien’s Luther As A Spiritual Adviser

Review of Michael Haykin’s The God Who Draws Near

Review of John Frame’s Worship in Spirit and Truth

Review of Crawford Gribben’s Rapture Fiction

Review of Christopher Hitchen’s The Missionary Position

Review of Laurel Gasque’s Art and the Christian Mind

Review of Brian Godawa’s Hollywood Worldviews (for World Magazine’s blog)

Review of Sam Waldron and Richard Barcellos’ A Reformed Baptist Manifesto (for the Evangelical Baptist magazine)


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  1. It is very great to know your gift of writing from our Master Jesus Christ. May I ask your help with the blog I am running with, which is called EMX Fraternity ( By it I am asking if you could be one of the editors and book-reviewer for the site? Thank you anyway. May our Master be with you and your family.

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