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That’ll Be The Day

Carl Trueman often finds himself in the thick of it when it comes to debates in evangelicalism, which of course should come natural to him as a middle-aged, white, Reformed guy. But unfortunately he’s not living up to the standards of MAWR, as displayed at the end of a recent interview he conducted on a very serious topic. Now, before I get into the true nitty-gritty of Trueman’s MAWR failure, it should be said that he made his faux pas fully aware of the ecclesial ramifications of his actions. I believe that he’s broken his confessional standard, and for this I am truly sorry. Whereas I was once a big fan of his writings, I fear that I must cease-and-desist from reading any and all that comes from his pen–I speak as an aspiring MAWR, a catechumen if you will, as I have yet to hit my fourth decade.

So, in what way did “Dr.” Trueman break his confessional vows? In the Solemn League and Covenant, a statement specifically adopted by an as-yet published revision of the Westminster Confession, it says plainly: “I solemnly covenant to league myself with those who rightly uphold the following: to read, watch, and admire Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove novel, and film, and cry when Gus dies; to defend the honour of John Wayne, even when he acted in a real stinker like The Conqueror.” Sadly, Trueman outed himself  as a “hater” (though thankfully he maintained his love for The Searchers), and didn’t list Lonesome Dove in his top-four westerns–while his top four was pretty impressive, I wouldn’t think that even ole Henry would admit to outdoing Bobby Duvall or Tommy Lee Jones. Sure John Wayne’s real name was Marion, but should that effect our exegesis of so many brilliant texts? Why wouldn’t our British friend at least have some sympathies for a man who could stand alongside Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man? It makes me want to spit my tobacky on my poor dog’s head.

And while we’re on the subject of heresy—and modalism ain’t got nothin’ on this—why no Magnificent Seven? Why no Jeremiah Johnson? Not even Rio Bravo? Oh, of course, he doesn’t like John Wayne! Not even for the crooning of Ricky Nelson?!

Finally, what amazes me even more than this—what can you expect from a Presbyterian?—is that there seemed to be a hushed acquiescence on the part of his interviewer, Clint Humfrey—shouldn’t he have lived up to his namesake and blasted the Tuco in his midst?—and the audience. Humfrey has preaching boots for pete’s sake! And here Trueman sits in front of a crowd in Calgary, Alberta, where movies like Open Range were filmed, where business execs wear cowboy hats to lunch, and he gets away with murder. Where is the Steve McQueen or Yul Brenner in their midst who would bury the slain? Is there no justice?

So, if Dr. Trueman wants a show-down on the great evangelical wasteland, and his posse chickens out and runs for the hills, who will he turn to for help? This gunslinger? In the words of a movie great, “That’ll be the day.”


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Film: Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl

Nate (Nathan? N.D.?) Wilson is a best-selling author who wrote Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl, a fun and philosophical reflection on the goodness of life. I read it around two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself from cover to cover. The book has the paradoxical quality of being light-hearted yet profound. It is mixed with the author’s personal reflections on life and sophisticated treatments of the vapid hedonism of this world. Basically, Wilson points up the true way to enjoy the world, and enjoy it to its fullest.

Now, with the help of Gorilla Poet and Beloved Independent, he has made the book into a film. It’s strange, but the two-minute trailer, short though it is, gave me the same feeling of fullness and joy as the book did. I hope this film does well:

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl Movie Trailer from Gorilla Poet Productions on Vimeo.


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Gavin and Quentin

An old friend of mine, Gavin Booth (he actually filmed my proposal to Vicky) is doing a video project called How Many Days? It’s his mission to meet the Hollywood personalities who have been an influence on him – Gavin is a movie director, writer, nut… In the following, Gavin goes onto Much on Demand here in Toronto and actually meets Quentin Tarantino! I must say, of all of the people Gavin’s met so far, this is the one I’m actually jealous of! Check it out on YouTube:


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I’ll Make Ya Famous

128 years ago today Pat Garret shot William H. Bonney (aka. Billy the Kid) dead. In honour of this momentous occasion in American history, I thought I’d link a video from Young Guns II (far inferior to the excellent Young Guns).

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Angels & Demons, Christianity & Science

Kirk Wellum offers some wise advice on the relationship between Christianity and science, brought on after having watched Dan Brown’s recent movie, Angels & Demons. Here’s the last paragraph from  his post:

{W}e must acknowledge that there are many mysteries we will never completely understand until God gives us more revelation in the world to come. This does not mean that we give up looking for answers rather is means that we proceed carefully and tentatively in areas where the Bible is not explicitly clear. With regard to some of the biggest scientific questions it is important to remember that “it is by faith that we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (Hebrews 11:3). This faith is not opposed, and should not be opposed, to scientific inquiry. But the fact that faith is required to understand these things means that we must never forget that we are mere creatures trying to comprehend the works of an infinite God who is incomprehensible unless he takes us by the hand and leads us each step of the way along the path of discovery. How thankful we should be that although human beings so easily make a mess of things, our ultimate hope is not in them, but in God.

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