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Shooting An Elephant

Trevin Wax is live-blogging The Elephant Room, hosted by James MacDonald, with Mark Driscoll as a guest host. There has been a swell of controversy over one of their guests, T. D. Jakes, and how his anti-Trinitarianism is understood, especially by MacDonald (see my post about it here). This has recently led to MacDonald resigning from The Gospel Coalition (it’s curious that in his post he mentions nothing about this controversy. What was said to him by TGC leaders to make him leave? Was it not this issue?). Trevin posted his notes from the interview on his blog, and I’ve read them over and wanted to share a couple of initial thoughts.

A brief caveat: these are only Trevin’s notes, not the full-blown, word-for-word interview, so some of my thoughts are subject to change in light of the clearer picture that will come once the video is released. There are other interviews as well that may also give clarity; my thoughts are based primarily on this first one.

1) There is a conciliatory air between those involved. It seems that the interviewers have already decided on Jakes’ orthodoxy before interviewing him. Driscoll promised us, when the controversy first broke, that he would be hard on Jakes on the Trinity–but Driscoll was much harder on Justin Brierly over complimentarianism than he is on Jakes. While he thankfully asked a number of creed-oriented questions, he didn’t push Jakes on his unclear statements.

2) Jakes hasn’t clarified the issues in the way The Elephant Room guys seem to think he has. Continue reading



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ETS and Books

In a major feat of self-restraint, I only bought two books at ETS. With the hordes of book sellers, offering their wares at ridiculously low prices, I’m amazed at my sanctification! It probably helped that my wife was with me as I perused the books (note: she bought more books than me!).
The two books that I purchased are ones that I am very glad to have in my library (am I ever not glad?). The first is the late David F. Wright’s Infant Baptism in Historical Perspective published by Paternoster in their Studies in Christian History and Thought series. What’s so neat about this book is that it argues strongly against the historical primacy of paedobaptism by one of the world’s top patristic and reformation scholars, who happens to be a Presbyterian! I’m very anxious to digest this work.
The second book is Death By Love by Mark Driscoll. A week ago Vicky and I spent Sunday afternoon with a couple from Trinity Baptist in Burlington, the Perry’s, who have a copy of the book. As I looked through it I was amazed to see how Driscoll applied the gospel message of penal substituation by Christ’s propiatory death on the cross to pastoral situations. For instance, he applies it to rape, abuse, religiosity, lust, adultery, demonic possession and other such intense subjects. I’m about half-way through the book and am really enjoying it. It’s very easy to read (much of it is in letter form) and is very, very pastoral. I would highly recommend it to pastors (I almost say it is incumbent upon them to read it!).

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Emergin vs. Emergent

Emerging vs. Emergent

This is Mark Driscoll talking about the difference between “emerging” and “emergent” on the Desiring God website. He, along with D.A. Carson, David Wells, Tim Keller, John Piper and others will be speaking on the supremacy of God in postmodern culture. The conference is coming up in late Sept. I’d like to go.


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