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Shooting An Elephant

Trevin Wax is live-blogging The Elephant Room, hosted by James MacDonald, with Mark Driscoll as a guest host. There has been a swell of controversy over one of their guests, T. D. Jakes, and how his anti-Trinitarianism is understood, especially by MacDonald (see my post about it here). This has recently led to MacDonald resigning from The Gospel Coalition (it’s curious that in his post he mentions nothing about this controversy. What was said to him by TGC leaders to make him leave? Was it not this issue?). Trevin posted his notes from the interview on his blog, and I’ve read them over and wanted to share a couple of initial thoughts.

A brief caveat: these are only Trevin’s notes, not the full-blown, word-for-word interview, so some of my thoughts are subject to change in light of the clearer picture that will come once the video is released. There are other interviews as well that may also give clarity; my thoughts are based primarily on this first one.

1) There is a conciliatory air between those involved. It seems that the interviewers have already decided on Jakes’ orthodoxy before interviewing him. Driscoll promised us, when the controversy first broke, that he would be hard on Jakes on the Trinity–but Driscoll was much harder on Justin Brierly over complimentarianism than he is on Jakes. While he thankfully asked a number of creed-oriented questions, he didn’t push Jakes on his unclear statements.

2) Jakes hasn’t clarified the issues in the way The Elephant Room guys seem to think he has. Continue reading



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Keller, Piper and Carson on Mercy Ministries

This six part video series is from the 2008 meeting of The Gospel Coalition. It is a discussion between Tim Keller, John Piper and Don Carson on the subject of mercy ministries (i.e. helping the poor, etc). I like what Piper says about wanting to eliminate all suffering, especially eternal suffering. I think that strikes the biblical balance. I also like how Keller pushes back and adds some nuance. Anyways, the whole thing is pretty helpful. I like the first video, so you can click through to the subsequent ones after it’s done.

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Trueman Interview on James MacDonald

In earlier posts on the issue of James MacDonald inviting T. D. Jakes to be on his show The Elephant Room I had expressed hope that The Gospel Coalition would act appropriately about the whole matter. From what Carl Trueman says in an interview on No Compromise Radio, some Coalition worker contacted him trying to shut him up. This is very disconcerting. What will this spell for the Coalition?

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Taylor on MacDonald

In my previous post about James MacDonald and T. D. Jakes I mentioned a friend who was upset about the virtual silence by some TGC leading lights. I’m thankful that Justin Taylor has now shared his critical opinion on the matter: The Elephant Wins.

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Suggested TGC Audio

Last Saturday I attended the Canadian meeting of The Gospel Coalition. The speakers were Don Carson and Mike Bullmore. In one of Carson’s sessions he recommended the TGC website as a one-stop resource for articles, audio and video. One of his suggestions, to combat becoming a clone of one personality or another, was to listen to fifty different preachers hosted at the TGC website. Fifty seems like quite a lot! But his point is well-taken. For what it’s worth, here are my suggestions on who to listen to, though I doubt I’ll get to fifty. Though a person may not be on this list, it does not mean that I haven’t appreciated their ministry. The ones whom I have included stand out in particular as helpful to me. I have placed in bold the ones whom I turn to regularly. In an almost random order, these are the preachers and teachers who have benefited me the most:

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Gospel Coalition in Hamilton

The Gospel Coalition will be holding a conference in Hamilton, Ontario on April 24, 2010. The speakers will be Don Carson and Mike Bullmore. They will be discussing the gospel and the need for gospel coalition. I’ll be there…you can count on that! More info here.

Christian Faithfulness in the Last Days: The Need for the Gospel Coalition
D. A. Carson  |  2 Tim 3:1-4:8

The Functional Centrality of the Gospel
Mike Bullmore  |  1 Cor 15

New Beginning: What Is the Gospel and How Does It Work?
D. A. Carson  |  John 3:1-21

Entrusted with the Gospel: Communicating the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age
Mike Bullmore  |  1 Thess 2:1-16

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DashHouse on the Gospel Coalition

Darryl Dash has posted his recent column for Christian Week at his blog. He writes on the recent initiative by Don Carson and Tim Keller on trying to network like-minded churches through the Gospel Coalition. Have you registered for The City yet? I have, and you should.

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