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Carl Trueman at Calvary Grace Conference

This weekend Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, AB, hosted its “Calvary Grace Conference” on the Reformation with Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Seminary (PA) and Clint Humfrey, the pastor of the church. The audio is now available on their website; I’ve linked each talk below. An interesting topic covered by two talks on Menno Simons and the Mennonites:

Luther and His Legacy – Trueman

Menno Simons and the Mennonites – Trueman

Can a Mennonite be a Calvinist? – Humfrey

Panel Discussion and Q & A – Trueman/Humfrey, moderated by Terry Stauffer

Calvin and Calvinism – Trueman

Sunday School Interview – Trueman, interviewed by Clint Humfrey

Like a Sheep Without a Shepherd – (Mark 6 Sermon) – Trueman



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Ascend to Heaven by Clint Humfrey

In time for Easter, Clint Humfrey, pastor of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary, has posted a free e-book on the church’s website called Ascend to Heaven: Meditations for Gospel Wayfarers. I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of it and gladly urge people to download, read, and pass on this delightful collection of meditations.

Based primarily on Clint’s thoughts on 1 John, other texts of Scriptures are also considered. In this encouraging booklet you’ll get a unique perspective on the gospel from one who has coupled his reflections with the mountainous scenery of Canmore, AB where he put his thoughts to paper. His words are rich with imagery drawn from the Canadian Rockies. Clint also offers some insightful critiques of contemporary culture and how our union with Christ sets Christians apart as people with a new and distinct identity.

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Audio: Bruce Ware in Calgary

Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology at Southern Seminary, recently spoke at the Calvary Grace conference in Calgary, AB. His topic was the doctrine of the Trinity, the subject of a book he wrote a number of years ago. Clint Humfrey, the pastor of Calvary Grace church in Calgary, also did an intriguing lecture entitled “‘The Call Me Trinity: Spaghetti Westerns and Confessing Doctrine.” The audio links are below {HT: Cowboyology}:

Session 1 How Did We Get the Doctrine of the Trinity, Biblical and Historical Overview (Ware)

Session 2 Relation of the Son to the Father within the Trinity. (Ware)

Session 3 ‘They Call Me Trinity’: Spaghetti Westerns and Confessing Doctrine (Humfrey)

Session 4 Relation of the Son to the Spirit within the Trinity (Ware)

Session 5 Q&A (Ware & Humfrey: Pavier moderates)

Session 6 Clint Humfrey Interviews Dr. Bruce Ware

Session 7 Trinitarian God of our Salvation, Eph 1,1-14

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Calgary Conference

Exciting news for those in Alberta. Calvary Grace Church in Calgary will be hosting their annual Calvary Grace Conference this January 29 and 30, 2010. Their guest speakers are Vishal Mangalwadi and Art Azurdia. Although I haven’t read or listened to anything by Azurdia, I am a big fan of Mangalwadi. His book on William Carey is excellent.
For more information about the conference check out the website.

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Clint Humfrey on the Net

It seems my good friend Clint Humfrey, pastor of Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, AB is getting some blog coverage lately. His post on streams of Reformed Baptist renewal gained an interesting discussion at And Clint’s recent (and convicting) TBS chapel sermon on tent-making for ministry was nicely summarised and commented on at Redeeming the Time.

Having Clint, Christel and their new baby Hunter in Toronto last week was a true blessing. With Justin and Elisha Galotti (Justin is teaching NT in India as I type!) here last weekend, it was like old times with the six of us hanging out (w/John Bell too!).

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Calgary Sun – Praying aloud gets man jailed

Licia Corbella of The Calgary Sun reports that street evangelist Artur Pawlawski was arrested in Calgary for praying in public. Are Christians over-reacting when we believe that persecution for our faith isn’t far away in Canada?


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