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Taylor on MacDonald

In my previous post about James MacDonald and T. D. Jakes I mentioned a friend who was upset about the virtual silence by some TGC leading lights. I’m thankful that Justin Taylor has now shared his critical opinion on the matter: The Elephant Wins.


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The Aristophrenium

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SSMI Blog: Lyrical Theology

Here is my latest blogspot at the Sola Scriptura Ministries blog called “Lyrical Theology.” It deals with what is sometimes called “holy hip-hop” or “Christian rap.” I mentioned in the post a spoken-word rap called “Faithfulness” by Stephen the Levite at YouTube which I’ve embedded below:


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SSMI Blog – Books, Books, Books

My recent post at the Sola Scriptura Ministries blog is a wish-list of sorts, detailing good books that will be published in 2011: Books, Books, Books.

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

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Reading and Error

At the Sola Scriptura Ministries Blog I pieced together some thoughts into a three-part series on the why and how of reading theological error.

Reading and Error Part 1

Reading and Error Part 2

Reading and Error Part 3

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Russell Williams and the Problem of Evil

My most recent post at the Sola Scriptura blog will be relevant to Canadians, but maybe not so much to those living outside our borders. Former base commander and colonel in the Canadian Air Force, Russell Williams, was convicted of murder, rape and other indecent acts and is sentenced to spend (hopefully) the rest of his days in the Kingston Pen. What I wrote has to do with the recent use of the word “evil” in relation to Williams’ case by Canadian media: Russell Williams and the Problem of Evil.

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SSMI Post – Celebrating the Gore This Sunday

Here’s my belated installment for the Sola Scriptura blog: Celebrating the Gore This Sunday.

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Tipperary Confessions

Another group-blog that I contribute to is Tipperary Confessions, an online reading group whose goal is to read through and discuss Augustine’s Confessions. The blog was started by David Shedden a friend of mine (though we’ve never actually met!) who is currently ministering the gospel in Clonmel, Ireland. Dave is a master of theology graduate from Princeton Seminary, where he did work (appropriately) on W.G.T. Shedd and was for a time involved in the Church of Scotland.

Thus far we’ve made our way to Book II of the Confessions. The basic format is that Dave posts a summary of the book with some of his reflections and the rest of the contributors interact with him or post their own reflections in the comments sections. We contributors come from a variety of faith-perspectives, but all share an interest in becoming acquainted, or re-acquainted, with the thought of the colossus that is Augustine.

This will be my third time through Confessions. I first read it for interest’s sake quite a few years ago. My second time around was in preparation for some lectures I did on Augustine at Toronto Baptist Seminary as a fill-in for historian Michael Haykin. I’m very excited to read it again “in community,” with mutual interaction from “across the pond.”

Here’s part of the plan:

Group members should feel free to read Confessions at their own pace. They can post their own blogs on any matter related to the content of the book. Comments will be enabled to allow discussion on each blog post.

Niamh and I are sharing administration of the blog. We will moderate the blog discussions, and we will delete any posts or comments that we think are irrelevant or unduly offensive. Group members are reminded that the blog is public and can be read by anyone online.

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Patripassian Prayer

Well, following on what I said a couple of posts ago, here’s my latest at the SSMI blog: Patripassian Prayer. Do you pray Trinitarianly?

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Practical Shepherding – Brian Croft

There are a number of good resources to turn to when thinking through issues in the church. For myself, personally, I enjoy attending the Toronto Pastor’s Fellowship where I not only can hear excellent talks on subjects related to pastoral ministry, but I also have the opportunity to spend time with pastors who share the wealth of wisdom and experience they have.

Another good resource is the 9 Marks website that has a whole series of questions and answers that a pastor may have at one time or another in his ministry. Books by the 9 Marks guys–like Dever, Gilbert, Anyabwile–are also very helpful.

But there is one resource that I’ve recently come across that is just excellent–Brian Croft’s blog, Practical Shepherding. Croft is a pastor in Louisville, KY and he dedicates his blog to answering questions that pastors ask. Every post that I’ve read thus far just drips with practical wisdom. Croft is the author of Visit the Sick and has a number of projected volumes to be published in the near future with titles like, Help! He’s Struggling with Pornography. I first heard of this blog through the Connected Kingdom podcast hosted by David Murray and Tim Challies–check out the interview they did with him here.

This will be a blog that I will continually check out, especially when I am confronted with a particular situation that needs pastoral advice. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll even have to fire him an email?

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Sola Scriptura Blog

Sola Scriptura Ministries International (SSMI) is a Canadian conference promoter and book distributor of which I have been long familiar with. Their executive director, Heinz Dschankilic, is a friend whom I met years ago through Dr. Haykin. Over the years SSMI has hosted numerous conferences on subjects related to Reformed theology that I’ve attended–too many to count! I’ve also probably bought too many books from them, much to my wife’s chagrin.

Recently SSMI has started a weblog and I am thankful to have been asked to contribute. My first post was published last Monday and dealt with “Protestant Scholasticism.” Check it out if you get the chance. As I submit blogposts, I’ll link them here, as well as posts by others that I think may be of interest.

In November Sola Scriptura will be hosting their annual London conference, the subject this year being the Holy Spirit. Speakers include Joseph Pipa and Guy Prentiss Waters. If I can, I plan on attending, as such events are always profitable. You should too if you’re in the area!

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Be Challies’ Friend…Pleeeaaasseeee!

Tim Challies, the infamous evangelical blogger, has started up a “Friends of the Blog” program that I recently joined and would highly recommend that you do too! It involves a yearly subscription of $39/year, but the rewards for being a subscriber at this point value at $160. So, for instance, some of the neat things you get include: subscription to Tabletalk magazine, free book from Zondervan, free book from Reformation Heritage, lots of free music, etc.
In Tim’s words: “When you become a Friend of the Blog you receive immediate access to each of these benefits, along with all the others to be announced over the course of your one-year subscription. Already there is at least $160 in value in things you will actually use, read, listen to! And there is more to come.”
To sign up, clink the link below:

Become a Friend of a Friend

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There is a new blog at the First Things website called Evangel. It has quite a good list of contributors and the posts thus far are great.

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Vitam Impendere Vero

My good buddy Ben Maher has a blog called Vitam Impendere Vero. If you’re in the mood for some slap-happy, sardonic fun, then this is the place to be!

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Gittin’ All Responsible and Stuff

I’m going on a blogging hiatus for the next week. I have a big paper due soon and I need to prioritise. As I said in a meeting  yesterday, I’m constantly trying to be disciplined and blogging is one area where I’m not. So you won’t see me on here for a bit!

Happy blogging!


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Old Life Theological Society

D. G. Hart and John Muether have a blog called Old Life Theological Society. It looks really, really good. Both men are Reformed historians who have written a number of scholarly works – some authored together. I reviewed Muether’s bio of Van Til here.

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Welcome to RearViewMirror

Well, if you’ve linked here through my old blog Ruminations By The Lake, you know that it’s officially dead over there. Here’s where it’s at.

RearViewMirror will be the place where I continue my forays into the blogosphere, but I also hope to have it as a general site where I can host information about me so that it can be used as a sort’ve online resume.

There are still some bugs that need to be fumigated, so you’ll notice the odd change here and there. Right now the banner pic is useful, but I hope to change it and some other pics.

If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you. For more info see my “But Why RearViewMirror?” page to the right.


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Book – Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

I am very excited to read Bob Kauflin’s new book Worship Matters: Leading Others To Encounter the Greatness of God (Crossway, 2008). It has some heavy-duty endorsements by guys like D.A. Carson, Wayne Grudem, John Frame and Mark Dever. Paul Martin has also talked alot about it in our worship class at TBS, having read an advanced copy.
Here is a review at the Worship Blog.

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Clint, Carson and the Atonement

Clint has posted some thoughts on an article he read by D.A. Carson on recent events in the penal-substitutionary atonement debate. As always, Clint’s thoughts are helpful.

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