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Jules on Genesis 1

My good friend Julian Freeman is the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Don Mills. He and I went to bible college and seminary together, and for a long while he was one of my pastors. Julian is one of those preachers who makes me feel like I should never ascend a pulpit again—he’s an incredibly clear, logical, affective, theological, practical preacher (and he never looks at his notes!). He recently preached from 1 Peter 5 at New City, and it was excellent. I’m so thankful for him.

Jules is preaching through Genesis at his church. Not long ago he preached on Genesis 1, and I must say, it is an excellent sermon. I highly, highly recommend it. He wisely sets God as the foundation of Genesis 1 and shows why we can’t approach the text by asking it scientifically-driven questions that are determined by our pagan, scientific culture. The text is about the who of creation, not the how. He and I hold the same view on this text, but though I’ve read much on it lately, I learned some good stuff from Julian. There is much wisdom in this sermon. I also wonder if he footnoted this blog in his sermon manuscript? :)

God, His World, His People (Part 1)



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Orwell the Libertarian?

In 2011 I committed to work my way through the Orwell corpus, both books by and on him. I’ve read Selden’s biography, Hitch’s Why Orwell Matters, and then a slew of books by the man himself like Nineteen Eighty-Four, Homage to CataloniaThe Clergyman’s Daughter, Coming Up for Air, a pile of collected essays, and more. As one with libertarian leanings, there is a lot that I find congruent in Orwell’s writings. Of course, he was a socialist, so there are areas where I have strong disagreements with him. But his strong anti-totalitarianism makes any libertarian smile; that’s why he tends to be well-received in such circles.

I recently listened to a podcast by the Ludwig von Mises Institute on Orwell by Jeff Riggenbach that gave Orwell a decent placement in the libertarian tradition. Riggenbach claims that Orwell’s posthumously published “Such, Such Were the Joys,” forms the basis for his anti-totalitarian writings like Nineteen Eighty-Four. I tend to disagree. Orwell famously lambasted his teachers from St. Cyprian’s where he attended public school. But recent biographers have indicated that Orwell’s fellow students, like Cyril Connolly didn’t share in Orwell’s distaste. My theory is that Orwell wrote “Such, Such Were the Joys” as a partly fictionalized story of totalitarianism, using the genres of memoir and historical fiction. It’s probably why the essay was never published by Orwell himself–it was likely something he toyed with, but never took seriously. So instead of “Such, Such Were the Joys” forming the basis of later writings, it was his experiences of totalitarianism in places like Burma and Spain that had Orwell re-evaluate his public school days, if only to communicate his fears in a medium that may have interested his society; it is worth remembering that Orwell wrote about the popularity of “boys’ weeklies,” and may have wanted to tap into that market as well.

Just a thought…

Here’s the podcast:

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Carl Trueman at Calvary Grace Conference

This weekend Calvary Grace Church in Calgary, AB, hosted its “Calvary Grace Conference” on the Reformation with Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Seminary (PA) and Clint Humfrey, the pastor of the church. The audio is now available on their website; I’ve linked each talk below. An interesting topic covered by two talks on Menno Simons and the Mennonites:

Luther and His Legacy – Trueman

Menno Simons and the Mennonites – Trueman

Can a Mennonite be a Calvinist? – Humfrey

Panel Discussion and Q & A – Trueman/Humfrey, moderated by Terry Stauffer

Calvin and Calvinism – Trueman

Sunday School Interview – Trueman, interviewed by Clint Humfrey

Like a Sheep Without a Shepherd – (Mark 6 Sermon) – Trueman


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Bryan College Conference and Adam

Bryan College and the Bryan Institute recently hosted a conference called “Reading Genesis 1-2,” dealing with the doctrine of creation and its entailments. The keynote speakers were John Walton of Wheaton, Jack Collins of Covenant, Tremper Longman of Westmont, Victor Hamilton (moderator) of Asbury, Richard Averbeck of TEDS, and Ted Beall of Capital. Break-out sessions included various evangelical scholars dealing with a whole range of topics, such as David Powlison on the nature/nurture debate; T. M. Moore on culture; J. Budzieszewski on Niebuhr’s view of culture; Kelly Kapic on rendering to Caesar; and a whole lot more (see here for audio from all of the sessions).

There were a number of panel discussions between the main speakers. This one is a discussion of the historical Adam issue, and is particularly relevant because one of the key-note speakers, Longmann, holds to a theistic evolution view of creation and argues that Adam was likely not an historical person. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I thought it might be helpful for those of us going to the talk on Adam next week.

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Hope’s Reason Podcast

Stephen Bedard, editor of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics, has started a related podcast. In the first episode Steve shares his testimony and the reason for doing the journal and podcast.

Introducing Hope’s Reason

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There has been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere of late about the bible’s teaching on hell. In light of this, I thought I would post a link to a sermon I preached on it last year at Grace Baptist in Essex. Here it is.

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Garrett’s “Baptist Theology”

I recently picked up James Leo Garrett Jr.’s tome (I use the word intentionally) Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study (Georgia: Mercer University Press, 2009). Thus far I’ve only skimmed its over seven hundred pages, but it looks to be a treasure-trove of historical-theological material that runs the full course of Baptist history–there’s even a section on Don Carson. Founders Ministries Podcast interviewed Dr. Garrett about the book last April here.

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SSMI Podcast

Sola Scriptura Ministries here in Canada have begun a podcast that I’d like to recommend. The first installment involves a discussion between Michael Haykin and Heinz Dschankilic on the question of doctrine and its importance for the church. Check it out:

SSMI Podcast

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Audio: Bruce Ware in Calgary

Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology at Southern Seminary, recently spoke at the Calvary Grace conference in Calgary, AB. His topic was the doctrine of the Trinity, the subject of a book he wrote a number of years ago. Clint Humfrey, the pastor of Calvary Grace church in Calgary, also did an intriguing lecture entitled “‘The Call Me Trinity: Spaghetti Westerns and Confessing Doctrine.” The audio links are below {HT: Cowboyology}:

Session 1 How Did We Get the Doctrine of the Trinity, Biblical and Historical Overview (Ware)

Session 2 Relation of the Son to the Father within the Trinity. (Ware)

Session 3 ‘They Call Me Trinity’: Spaghetti Westerns and Confessing Doctrine (Humfrey)

Session 4 Relation of the Son to the Spirit within the Trinity (Ware)

Session 5 Q&A (Ware & Humfrey: Pavier moderates)

Session 6 Clint Humfrey Interviews Dr. Bruce Ware

Session 7 Trinitarian God of our Salvation, Eph 1,1-14

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Basics 2010

Yesterday I returned from the Basics Conference, hosted by Alistair Begg and Parkside Church. The conference speakers this year included Begg, Sinclair Ferguson and John Shearer–all Scots! I had a phenomenal time. I enjoyed the fellowship of Richard Valade, with whom I traveled, as well as a number of fellow students from TBS.

Below are links to the conference audio (video is also available), which I would recommend listening to. Each sermon and lecture was awesome and I will listen to them again and again.

I do want to pick out one as a particularly important file to download and listen to. John Shearer’s talk on “Reflections and Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry” is very important for pastors and aspiring pastors to listen to. John pastors a small Baptist church in Musselburgh, Scotland (see Musselburgh Baptist Church). It isn’t large or well-known, but he is a faithful pastor. His reflections were humbling, convicting, funny and powerful. That one session was the highlight of the conference for me–and that says a lot because I was completely dumbfounded by Ferguson on Union with Christ!

Session 1: Distinctives of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 2: Union with Christ for Christian Living (Ferguson)

Session 3: The Word of the Cross (Begg)

Session 4: Union with Christ for Pastoral Ministry (Ferguson)

Session 5: Duties of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 6: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified (Begg)

Panel Discussion: Begg, Ferguson, and Shearer

Breakout 1: Practical Pointers on Expositional Preaching (Begg)

Breakout 2:  Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (Ferguson)

Breakout 3: Reflections and Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry (Shearer)


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Ted Donnelly on Hell

Ted Donnelly, a well-known Reformed Presbyterian from Ireland, has an excellent sermon series on hell. There are a number of subjects that get little attention in evangelical preaching and unfortunately hell is one of them. But if hell is a real place, and it is, then any preacher that wittingly or unwittingly fails to address it is holds some measure of responsibility. It’s like a person who knows that the bridge ahead is washed out and says nothing about it. That person is culpable for the deaths of any who careen over the edge. Likewise, if preachers, teachers and evangelists never speak of hell they are culpable–not ultimately culpable, that responsibility lies with the one who goes to hell, but culpable none-the-less.

A funny story, a number of years ago a couple of TBS students (I will leave them nameless) led a college and career study. They decided to do a four-week series listening to Donnelly on hell. I guess it scared the tar out of some in attendance!

So here is Donnelly:

Why Should We Think About Hell?

What Does The Bible Teach About Hell?

What Will Hell Be Like?

What Effect Should This Have Upon Us?

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Suggested TGC Audio

Last Saturday I attended the Canadian meeting of The Gospel Coalition. The speakers were Don Carson and Mike Bullmore. In one of Carson’s sessions he recommended the TGC website as a one-stop resource for articles, audio and video. One of his suggestions, to combat becoming a clone of one personality or another, was to listen to fifty different preachers hosted at the TGC website. Fifty seems like quite a lot! But his point is well-taken. For what it’s worth, here are my suggestions on who to listen to, though I doubt I’ll get to fifty. Though a person may not be on this list, it does not mean that I haven’t appreciated their ministry. The ones whom I have included stand out in particular as helpful to me. I have placed in bold the ones whom I turn to regularly. In an almost random order, these are the preachers and teachers who have benefited me the most:

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Pondering Jehovah’s Witnesses

My buddy and fellow church-goer Matt Fenn is a former Jehovah’s Witness. He’s now a one-stop resource for all things Watchtower. Not too long ago he was interviewed at about his testimony and his thoughts on his former religion. If you know someone who is a Jehovah’s Witness, or are just interested in the subject, this is a good interview to listen to.

For more, you can check out Matt’s blog at Pondering Christ where he has some very useful posts on a broad range of theological issues that I’d recommend checking out.

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Lectures on Calvinism

I have been going through a series on the doctrines of grace, yesterday I dealt with “unconditional election.” Some helpful lecture series on Calvinism are:

Art Azurdia: The Doctrines of Grace

A short series dealing with the five points of Calvinism and Q&A, highly recommended.

Curt Daniel: The History and Theology of Calvinism

This is extremely in-depth. For the serious student.

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Crawford Gribben at Westminster Seminary

Crawford Gribben recently spoke at chapel at Westminster Seminary in PA. His discussion is on the state of evangelicalism in Ireland. Awesome!

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Hebrew Vocab Pronunciation

My good friend Mark Francois is a PhD student in Old Testament at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. He also teaches Hebrew at Toronto Baptist Seminary. Mark has a working knowledge of around eleven languages, both ancient and modern, and is only in his mid-twenties! Anyways, as an aide for TBS Hebrew students, he has posted mp3 files of Hebrew pronunciation at the seminary’s website {here}. He even sings a Hebrew alphabet song!

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Andrew Fuller Conference Audio

The Andrew Fuller Center has posted the audio from last week’s conference “Baptist Spirituality – Historical Perspectives.” As I’ve said in an earlier post, it was a great conference and I was glad to be a part of it. Now you can hear what it was like by downloading the mp3’s!

I hope that the audio for the sessions by Stephen Yuille and Aaron Menikoff will get posted soon – I missed both of them unfortunately (I was trying to catch my breath before I had to speak!). As well, Greg Thornbury’s isn’t posted and I assume that it wasn’t recorded because it was in the Broadus Chapel.

Lemme know what you think!

Monday, August 24

9:00 am Plenary Session 1: Crawford Gribben
“Irish Baptist Piety in the 17th Century” (MP3)

10:25 am Plenary Session 2: Robert Strivens
“Evangelical Spiritualities in Early 18th Century English Dissent: Philip Doddridge and John Gill” (MP3)

11:45 am Plenary Session 3: Gerald Priest
“A. C. Dixon: Exemplar of Fundamentalist Spirituality” (MP3)

2:30-5:00 pm Parallel Sessions
1. English Baptist Piety in the 17th and 18th Centuries (Chair: Paul Brewster)

2. Baptist Piety in 19th Century Great Britain (Chair: Michael Haykin)

3. Baptist Piety in 19th Century North America (Chair: Jeff Robinson)

8:15 pm Plenary Session 4: Greg Thornbury
“Baptist Spirituality and Theological Education” (Audio Not Available)

Tuesday, August 25

10:00 am SBTS Convocation:  R. Albert Mohler
“‘The Time is Near’ – The Emphatically Eschatological Essence of the Christian Ministry” (MP3)

11:40 am Plenary Session 5: Tom Nettles
“The Piety of James Petigru Boyce” (MP3)

2:30-3:30 pm Plenary Session 6: Greg Wills
“Relevance, Severity, and Spiritual Power in Baptist Piety” (MP3)

3:40-4:50 pm Plenary Session 7: Kevin Smith
“A Distracted Piety: African-American Baptists” (MP3)

“Amsterdam 400”: A Quatercentennial Celebration of Baptist Witness

6:45 pm “Spirituality of Historic Baptist Hymnody: A Hymn Sing” (MP3)

7:45 pm Plenary Session 8: Malcolm Yarnell
“ ‘We Believe with the Heart and with the Mouth Confess’: The Engaging Piety of John Smyth and the Early General Baptists” (MP3)

9:00 pm “Reformed and Anabaptist: Strengths and Shortcomings of Two Traditions” A Late Night Discussion between Drs. Yarnell and Haykin (MP3)


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Jesus: The True Temple

The bible is put together in a remarkable way and the more I learn about it, the more I’m in awe. Redemptive history ties the biblical stories together into one big story line that has Jesus Christ – the incarnate God – as the central figure. One way that this story line plays itself out is with the theme of God’s presence. Whether it’s in the Garden, or the pillar of fire, the tabernacle, the temple, or ultimately Jesus Christ and the new heavens and new earth – this story is thrilling!

Reading about it is one thing – as in G.K. Beale’s recent (and awesome) book The Temple and the Church’s Mission (IVP, 2004). But hearing about it, especially in sermon form, is quite another. A couple of Sundays ago John Bell preached an excellent sermon at New City Baptist on Jesus as the true temple that I would highly suggest people listen to. Here’s the link. Here’s the outline:

Part 18: Jesus, the True Temple

1) Jesus Clears the Temple (13-17)  

2) Jesus Replaces the Temple (18-22)

3) No Temple in the New Jerusalem 
   (Rev. 21:22)

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Dever on Preaching

I recently had a conversation with a Christian brother who was telling me about his church and their plans to scrap preaching in their Sunday morning services in favour of discussion groups. We had a good chat about it where I expressed my belief that this would be detrimental to their church. It got me thinking a lot about the necessity of preaching and I was reminded of this talk by Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. on the centrality of preaching. I’d highly commend it to you for listening:

The Centrality of Expository Preaching


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Julian Freeman recently finished a short sermon series on the topic of biblical friendship. I caught the last sermon in the series on Sunday and it was very thoughtful and convicting. Check them out here.

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