But Why RearViewMirror?


It might sound like a strange name, but then again, lots of blogs have strange names. So, why did I choose RearViewMirror?

As an aspiring historian, I am convinced that in order for us to move forward, we need to be reminded of the past. A good illustration of this is seen when we drive our cars: As we drive forward, we must use our rear view mirrors to look at what’s behind us. If not, we could very well crash. In order for us not to crash as a society and a church, it is very important to look at the life and thought of those who have gone before us and learn from them.

Hence: RearViewMirror!


7 responses to “But Why RearViewMirror?

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  2. Great! I like this one better indeed.
    God bless

  3. woah – that’s why – i like it!

  4. stef

    very good i love it!

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