The Supper as Means of Grace

Richard Barcellos, a Reformed Baptist author and pastor in the States, posted his lecture given to an ARBCA meeting last year on the Lord’s Supper as a means of grace. I’ve linked them below because I think that they are quite instructive. Because they are his lecture notes, they are mostly point form. But he gives a good argument for understanding the “real presence” or “spiritual presence” in the Supper:

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 1

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 2

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 3

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 4

You can also watch an interview with Barcellos on the subject:

Q&A with Dr. Barcellos and John Divito | ARBCA GA from MCTS on Vimeo.




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4 responses to “The Supper as Means of Grace

  1. John Bell

    I thought the piece by Shawn D. Wright, “The Reformed View of the Lord’s Supper”, was very well done – a very helpful Baptist perspective on this issue.

    He ends with this – “There is is much to commend the Reformed Tradition’s understanding of the Lord’s Supper, as we have already noted. But it has four weaknesses that call into question the validity of its teaching of the spiritual presence of Christ in the Supper.

    First, the RT lacks a biblically coherent understanding of the sacraments. Second, it fails to prioritize Christ’s presence with his people at ALL times. Third, it unwisely urges people to look to the Eucharist for hope. Fourth, it lacks clear biblical support.”

    I know it’s a contentious issue – but I found what wrote helpful.

  2. I have not read Wright’s piece. It looks like I should, though. I tried to offer biblical support for the position of the 1689 London Baptist Confession. Steve Weaver has a piece on the Lord’s Supper and 17th-century Particular Baptists that’s helpful.

  3. the message I preached at the ARBCA GA is available on sermon audio

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