Bryan College Conference and Adam

Bryan College and the Bryan Institute recently hosted a conference called “Reading Genesis 1-2,” dealing with the doctrine of creation and its entailments. The keynote speakers were John Walton of Wheaton, Jack Collins of Covenant, Tremper Longman of Westmont, Victor Hamilton (moderator) of Asbury, Richard Averbeck of TEDS, and Ted Beall of Capital. Break-out sessions included various evangelical scholars dealing with a whole range of topics, such as David Powlison on the nature/nurture debate; T. M. Moore on culture; J. Budzieszewski on Niebuhr’s view of culture; Kelly Kapic on rendering to Caesar; and a whole lot more (see here for audio from all of the sessions).

There were a number of panel discussions between the main speakers. This one is a discussion of the historical Adam issue, and is particularly relevant because one of the key-note speakers, Longmann, holds to a theistic evolution view of creation and argues that Adam was likely not an historical person. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I thought it might be helpful for those of us going to the talk on Adam next week.


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