Piper on the Necessity of Adam

In further preparation for next week’s gathering of pastors and theologians to listen to Stan Fowler discuss the historical Adam, I found the following two posts from Desiring God and John Piper.

In the first – an audio interview w/transcript – Piper discusses the essentials that an elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church must affirm to be qualified for the office. Importantly, he starts with the affirmation that Adam was an historical person and not the result of an evolutionary process. He follows with two other affirmations about creatio ex nihilo and the original goodness of creation. As an aside, he mentions their openness on the question of the age of the earth. Piper says that his personal perspective follows that of Old Testament scholar John Sailhammer, who believes that the earth is billions of years old, but humanity is younger. (Desiring God then gave a follow-up post with a quote from Sailhammer on the age of the earth here).

In the second (below) Piper is asked a question about what should be taught about creation. He builds on what he said in the previous link on the question of Adam pointing to the need to affirm Adam’s original goodness, his creation out of nothing, and the need to believe in a young humanity. On this last point he points to a conservative number of a 6000 year old humanity, and a “looser” (his words) number of 15000 years. He then continues, as in the first, to discuss his openness on the earth’s age. Here is the video:


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