Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell

Here is my review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. Much has already been said about the book, so I tried to take a bit of a different track with it. As you can imagine, I’m not favourable to it. Thanks to Credo Magazine for posting the review.



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5 responses to “Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell

  1. whatthehellbook

    Your review is obviously biased, which you are entitled to. It is not a dishonest writing by Bell. He is honest with what he believes to be true. He is much closer to the Biblical truth than any Christian who believes God will sentence the majority of mankind to an eternal Hell of punishment and torture. The Scriptures absolutely do not teach this doctrine of eternal punishment.

  2. whatthehellbook

    Thanks for the kind reply! It’s nice to have friendly dialogue. I’ll stop you there and say I’d never base a doctrine on the book of Revelation, an apocryphal writing. I devoted a good chunk of one of my chapters to this point. :)

    • You’re welcome! I find these debates often devolve into useless vitriol.
      You are right, I wouldn’t base a whole doctrine off of one text either, which of course I don’t do. That was just one sample of texts that convince me of the doctrine of everlasting punishment.
      I wondered what your thoughts were about those texts though?

  3. Sorry, I just saw your email for this reply- it went to my spam folder :) I’ll talk a little bit about the book of Revelation and this is just my interpretation.

    I try to be guarded with what I say because I’m already on the edge with this doctrine, I don’t want to become a full blown heretic :) I devote an entire chapter to these thoughts and what is covered in the book of Revelation. It’s an apocryphal book full of dramatic language and imagery. It’s not meant to be taken literally. Also, Jesus died in the year 30 and this book was written around 94 by a man named John. Biblical scholars used to claim it was written by the apostle John but many now believe it was written by another Christian man named John.

    I have a difficult time with this book. It is obviously challenging to understand and parts of it contradict the rest of the New Testament. Men like Martin Luther claimed that Revelation was not from Christ and shouldn’t have been included in the canon. With that being said, it still does not teach eternal punishment and I talk about that in the book. I would never base a doctrine from this book alone. It would need to be clearly supported by other Scripture.

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