Review: Why Catholics Are Right by Coren

In an earlier post I mentioned that a number of us had the privilege of spending some time with Canadian television personality Michael Coren who discussed his book Why Catholics Are Right. I have written a fairly critical review of this book for the Credo Magazine website. I confess to a little fearfulness in publishing this review, because Michael Coren deserves much respect for the political work he has done over the years. But there are such important errors in the book that I thought it best to point them out.

Many thanks to Matthew Barrett, the editor of the excellent Credo Magazine for being willing to publish the review. I thoroughly enjoy this publication and am happy to be a part of it; even if notoriously!



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5 responses to “Review: Why Catholics Are Right by Coren

  1. Thanks for your review Ian. You mention that, “A better choice would be the work of Scott Hahn or Peter Kreeft.” Which one book of theirs would be your first choice if I want to interact with the best of Catholic apologetics?

    • Well, for Catholic apologetics proper, Scott Hahn is definitely the go-to guy. His book about his conversion to RC is the first place, called “Rome Sweet Home.” “Reasons to Believe” is his apologetics book, then he has a number on various aspects of RC theology like Mary, the Supper etc.
      Peter Kreeft’s “Catholic Christianity” is helpful, so are his “summas” of Aquinas’ “Summa.” His “Handbook of Catholic Apologetics” is also a good resource.
      In response, Protestant critiques of RC theology is also necessary to read. Most importantly is the work of James White and Alpha and Omega Ministries. William Webster has a great book on RC’s and history.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Credo overhauled their site and the links changed. The new link is here: I’ve also updated it in the post above.

      • John Clubine

        Michael Coren’s book “Why Catholics Are Right” is interesting but I have
        tried to get him to agree to debate James White on the Papacy when White
        comes to Toronto in March to debate Muslim apologist Shibir Ally twice by
        e-mail and once but letter. He has not responded. My friend Rob Zins did
        a review of Coren’s book entitled “Why Catholics Are Wrong” which refuted
        his section on “Catholics and thelogy”. His chapter on Pius XII for the most
        part is selective history in his role of the Holocaust but I sent Michael letters
        of mine which were published in the Catholic newspaper Our Sunday Visitor
        and I think it is impossible to really know that if Pius XII had spoken out
        against Hitler that more Jews would not have perished. This is conjecture.
        I suggest on the matter of his chapter on Catholics and the Abuse Scandal
        that you read a book by Catholic scholar Randy Engel (a woman) entitled
        “The Rite of Sodomy:Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church” in
        which Ms. Engel lists a good number of priests and bishops involved in
        coverups abd even names Pope Paul VI as being a homosexual. The book
        is more then 1200 pages but is an excellent read. If you would like to borrow
        my copyt, let me know.

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