Orwellian Euphemisms for Libya

The Atlantic has an awesome piece on their site titled, “Top 10 New Orwellian Euphemisms for the War in Libya” by Conor Friedersdorf. If you have any interest in how western governments are being dishonest about the war in Libya (and it is a war), then this article is entirely relevant—and funny.

George Orwell famously pointed out the way governments will try to downplay their actions with over-blown words—euphemisms—so that the unsuspecting public won’t buy into the obvious. Fridersdorf has rightly argued that the Obama administration fits the bill of this Orwellian verbal-menace with Gates’ euphemistic “limited kinetic operation,” a term Obama uses as well. Our author gives the administration some help in case they have writer’s block for some more useful phrases. My favourite is #2: “A determination to lend France and Britain sufficient munitions and refueling capability to give their efforts a new lease on life.”


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