Ron Paul, Milt Friedman and Thomas Sowell on Drugs

Ron Paul is running for the head of the GOP with the hope of taking the White House from Obama. As a libertarian I have strong hopes for Paul, although I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t win either the primary or the 2012 election. Even if he doesn’t, just the fact that he’s such a popular candidate is good for disseminating the ideas of libertarianism. Gary Johnson is another libertarian running for the Republican leadership, but I’m reticent about him due to his stand on abortion.

Recently, in a televised debate with other Republican candidates, Ron Paul argued that the state shouldn’t be involved in private choice issues such as drug use, including heroin. Here’s what he has to say:

Some have run with this and are making him out to be less of a libertarian and more of a libertine. But in conservative thought his ideas aren’t all that new. Take for instance the well-known, well-respected, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman:

While it might not be so surprising to hear Friedman advocating for the legalisation of drugs as a means of curtailing drug use, that the famous conservaitve Thomas Sowell is of the same opinion probably is:


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