Review: Jonathan Edwards, Lover of God

I published a very brief review of Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney, Jonathan Edwards: Lover of God The Essential Edwards Collection (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2010) for the magazine Barnabas. I post it here for your reading pleasure:

There has been a revival of interest in Jonathan Edwards amongst evangelicals, so much so that his portrait has made it onto t-shirts. Yet, it is hard to know how much of this can be chalked up to trendiness rather than a genuine appreciation for “America’s greatest theologian.” While most books on Edwards tend to the technical, few introductions to his thought are popularly accessible. Thus the five-part The Essential Edwards Collection by Strachan and Sweeney is a welcome arrival. Their purpose is to offer a broad exposition of key areas in Edwards’ theology, written at a managable level and style; a target they succeed in hitting. This first volume, the biographical lead-in to the series, is clear, concise, theological and practical. Pastors and lay-people will benefit from the life-application of Edwards to the reader and from the authors’ willingness to help us also learn from Edwards’ mistakes.

Barnabas (Spring 2011): 13.


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