Ascend to Heaven by Clint Humfrey

In time for Easter, Clint Humfrey, pastor of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary, has posted a free e-book on the church’s website called Ascend to Heaven: Meditations for Gospel Wayfarers. I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of it and gladly urge people to download, read, and pass on this delightful collection of meditations.

Based primarily on Clint’s thoughts on 1 John, other texts of Scriptures are also considered. In this encouraging booklet you’ll get a unique perspective on the gospel from one who has coupled his reflections with the mountainous scenery of Canmore, AB where he put his thoughts to paper. His words are rich with imagery drawn from the Canadian Rockies. Clint also offers some insightful critiques of contemporary culture and how our union with Christ sets Christians apart as people with a new and distinct identity.

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