Death, Parousia and the Christian Life (GW Article)

The Gospel Witness, published by Jarvis Street Baptist Church in Toronto, is a great magazine that I recommend subscribing to. Typically it offers three articles on a given theme as well as one or two book reviews and news updates for things going on in the Jarvis Street/Toronto Baptist Seminary nexus. Contributors have included theologians like Carl Trueman, Fred Zaspel, Michael Haykin (one-time editor), Sharon James, Richard Gaffin, and a whole host of other well-known evangelicals. One of the distinguishing features of the magazine is that, alongside writers we are familiar with, pastors and church leaders also have opportunity to contribute. I am thankful that over the years I have been given the chance to publish a couple of articles.

In the March 2011 edition I was asked to share my thoughts on the eschatological hope found in 1 Thessalonians, a book of the bible that the issue is dedicated to looking at. The article is called “‘Since We Belong to the Day’: Death, Parousia and Christian Life” The Gospel Witness (March 2011), 6-10. It is written to highlight the encouragement Christians are to take from the promise that Jesus is returning, instead of over-emphasizing the details of the end times calendar.

To subscribe to The Gospel Witness go here.


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