Evidences for Easter

Tyndale House is a study-centre located at Cambridge University in England and provides a place of refuge for biblical scholars who need time, space and resources for their work. The name Tyndale House is associated with the heights of cutting edge scholarship done for the church and to the glory of God {Info Video}.

Their Warden is Dr. Peter J. Williams, a textual critic and Old Testament scholar who came to them from the University of Aberdeen. He is an expert in early Christian origins and on early biblical manuscripts. With Tyndale House, Williams has put together some videos related to historical evidences for the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth that are worth checking out. Typically at this time of year (Easter) some PBS special or Dateline exclusive will run an episode about why Jesus never lived, or why he wasn’t crucified and will truck out a load of “experts” to tell us that this is the case. Williams’ videos are a nice counter to such drivel.

Jesus’ Trial

Jesus’ Crucifixion

Jesus’ Resurrection



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3 responses to “Evidences for Easter

  1. Indeed, I remember the “Jesus Family Tomb” documentary and the “Pagan Christ” special on CBC. Both were done with the most speculative archeology possible just to avoid the possibility of the Gospel actually reporting reliable history. Good stuff man!

    Did you see N.T. Wrights vid on the evidence for the resurrection, put out by IVP? It has a great argument for the implausibility of the resurrection event being fabricated.

    • Yeah, any of Wright’s stuff on the historical Jesus is top-notch. I’ve yet to see the videos of them, but I should. I was thankful last year to watch a more balanced documentary on some network show that actually had Wright in it. “Jesus and the Victory of God” is golden.

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