Shedd on Coleridge

I find it amazing that the Works of the great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge were collected in the nineteenth-century by none other than the Calvinist dogmatician William G. T. Shedd. While Shedd maintained a robust Calvinism based on the Westminster Standards, he was none-the-less very interested in the writings of what we would call the Romantic period. Another Shed, David Shedden to be precise, has written a series of blogposts about Shedd’s take on Coleridge. Dave is a friend, though strangely we’ve never met (he being a Scottish expat in Ireland [can you be a Scottish expat in Ireland?], and me being a Canuck), but I have come to appreciate his writing over the years. He is serving in a Reformed Baptist Church in Clonmel, Ireland. Dave did his ThM at Princeton Seminary a few years ago where he studied evangelicalism.

Shedd on Coleridge Part 1

Shedd on Coleridge Part 2

Shedd on Coleridge Part Three – Trinity

Also be sure to check out Dave’s series on Shedd and the atonement which is worth the read.


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