Breakdown of Carson’s “Style of Scripture”

Alexander Carson (1776-1844) breaks down the style of scripture to highlight its evidential use for the doctrine of inspiration. He does so in the following manner:

Purity (8-16)

Perspicuity (16-25)

Simplicity (25-29)

Sublimity (29-63)

Moral Sublimity (63-68)

Hebraism (68-70)

Vivacity or Energy (70-74)

Use of Epithets (74-76)

Vivacity as Depending on Fewness of Words (76-81)

Pathos (81-83)

Elegance (83-85)

Figurative Language (85-88)

Stamp of Truth Everywhere Impressed on Scripture (88-90)

Alexander Carson, “Characteristics of the Style of Scripture as Evidential of Its Inspiration” in Works (Dublin/London/Edinburgh: William Carson/Houlston & Stoneman/Wm. Whyte, 1854), 3:3-90.


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