Interacting with Bebbington on the Enlightenment

In an earlier post I summarized David Bebbington’s chapter on the Enlightenment from his excellent book The Dominance of Evangelicalism. Here I link to some responses to his views, not just from this book, but from his overall historical project. The first place anyone should turn to for a response to Bebbington, on a range of issues, is The Advent of Evangelicalism edited by Michael A. G. Haykin and Kenneth J. Stewart. There are three chapters in this book that deal with the issue of Bebbington on the Enlightenment, two of which are available in other forms on the internet.

The first is a direct response to Bebbington on the Enlightenment, by Haykin, called “Evangelicalism and the Enlightenment: a reassessment.” This is the second chapter of Advent and also appears in similar form in Loving the God of Truth ed. Andrew M. Fountain.

The second is Stewart’s chapter dealing with the doctrine of scripture: “The evangelical doctrine of Scripture, 1650-1850: a re-examination of David Bebbington’s theory.” This essay appears in Evangelical Quarterly 67.2 (2005): 135-153 as “Does Evangelicalism Pre-Date the 18th Century? An Examination of the David Bebbington Thesis.”

The third is Garry J. Williams’ chapter “Englightenment epistemology and eighteenth-century evangelical doctrines of assurance.” This can be found in Tyndale Bulletin 53.2 (2002): 283-312 as “Was Evangelicalism Created by the Enlightenment?


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