Petrus van Mastricht

As I read through Holmes’ work on Edwards I’ve been interested to learn that Edwards was deeply appreciative of the work of Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1703). Edwards even went so far as to say, in a letter to Joseph Bellamy, that van Mastricht’s Theologia Theoretica-Practica was “much better than Turretin, or any other book in the world, except the Bible, in my opinion.”

I’ve begun to dig around through ATLA to see if there have been any articles on van Mastricht to no avail. Nor are there any seventeenth or eighteenth century translations of him available on EEBO or ECCO. Indeed, there is a dearth of recent literature on him in monograph form. The only reprint available is his A Treatise on Regeneration published by Soli Deo Gloria.

If van Mastricht is so important to Protestant orthodoxy, as is apparent from a reading of Richard Muller’s work, why is there nothing on him today?



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2 responses to “Petrus van Mastricht

  1. CG

    Randall Pederson reviews a new book on him in the current Westminster Theological Journal – Neele, “Petrus van Mastricht (1639-1706), Reformed Orthodoxy: Method and Piety” (Brill, 2009).

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