Liberating Black Theology

One online radio program that I listen to fairly regularly is the Reformed Forum, hosted by Camden Bucey. It is dedicated to intelligent discussions of contemporary Reformed theology and consistently has excellent topic choices and guests who are experts in their field. Today’s show deals with the issue of black liberation theology, especially as it has been viewed by Anthony Bradley‘s book Liberating Black Theology: The Bible and the Black Experience in America. Bradley teaches at the King’s College in New York and blogs at The Institute. The book is a re-working of his doctoral dissertation that he completed at Westminster Theological Seminary. The interview is very informative. What struck me most about it was Bradley’s comment that black liberation theology is fundamentally not pastoral and that is it’s biggest problem. He explains that when someone has cancer, or their kid is on crack, black liberation theology has no answers.


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  1. Sounds good. I’ve enjoyed reading authors like Anthony Carter on the same subject.

    I found your blog through Discerning Reader; it looks great.

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