Practical Shepherding – Brian Croft

There are a number of good resources to turn to when thinking through issues in the church. For myself, personally, I enjoy attending the Toronto Pastor’s Fellowship where I not only can hear excellent talks on subjects related to pastoral ministry, but I also have the opportunity to spend time with pastors who share the wealth of wisdom and experience they have.

Another good resource is the 9 Marks website that has a whole series of questions and answers that a pastor may have at one time or another in his ministry. Books by the 9 Marks guys–like Dever, Gilbert, Anyabwile–are also very helpful.

But there is one resource that I’ve recently come across that is just excellent–Brian Croft’s blog, Practical Shepherding. Croft is a pastor in Louisville, KY and he dedicates his blog to answering questions that pastors ask. Every post that I’ve read thus far just drips with practical wisdom. Croft is the author of Visit the Sick and has a number of projected volumes to be published in the near future with titles like, Help! He’s Struggling with Pornography. I first heard of this blog through the Connected Kingdom podcast hosted by David Murray and Tim Challies–check out the interview they did with him here.

This will be a blog that I will continually check out, especially when I am confronted with a particular situation that needs pastoral advice. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll even have to fire him an email?


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