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Exegesis for Preaching

Seminary training, though not absolutely necessary, is extremely helpful for pastors and church leaders. While it is good to be in an academic environment amongst peers who share in the educational quest, and while exposure to theology, biblical studies and history expand our horizons, probably the most important reason to go to seminary is to learn the biblical languages.

This past year I have been preaching my way through 1 Peter and am struck each and every time I do sermon prep how helped I am from my three years of Greek under the tutelage of Clint Humfrey and Pierre Constant at TBS. I am not at all adept at languages and found Greek to be a struggle, but I am so glad that it was a course requirement! It has proven to be the backbone to how I handle my text for preaching.

As a help and as an apology for Greek exegesis in preaching, I thought that I would share the method that I learned at TBS and demonstrate a little of how I use it in regular ministry.

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