This past week I received a copy of the first issue of Jubilee (Spring 2010), the publication of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity located in Toronto. I must say, I am very impressed with it. A full gloss mag, good graphic design, not cheap-looking. Of course, the articles are fantastic as well. As last year marked a big celebration of all things Darwinian, EICC hosted a conference called “Deconstructing Darwin” and released the magazine dedicated to all things science and religion. The articles are intelligent, written by scholars who are experts in their respective fields of science, philosophy and theology.

Contributors include Joe Boot (founder of EICC), John C. Lennox of Oxford, Emil Silvestru a leading geologist, L.T. Jeyachandran (Asia-Pacific Director of RZIM) and Carlisle Percival (CEO Santa Cruz Surgery Center). I would highlight in particular the articles by Jeyachandran and Silvestru. The former is on the relationship between Christianity and science asking whether they are friends or foes. The article proves to be an excellent study of the logic of biblical presuppositions and how they support the scientific enterprise. It is a very well-written and researched article that demonstrates the foundational relationship Christianity has with science.

The latter article deals with how the scientific community has failed to listen to Stephen Jay Gould’s critiques of evolution and how Gould himself failed to take into account Christianity’s solution to the Darwinian problems that he exposed.

The Lennox article, taken from a chapter of his book God’s Undertaker, deals with the debates of Galileo, Samuel Wilberforce and T.H. Huxley. Boot deals with Darwin and the role that evolutionary theory has played within various religious perspectives.

Every single article was worth reading and I learned something from each. So I would highly suggest contacting EICC for your free subscription.


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