Basics 2010

Yesterday I returned from the Basics Conference, hosted by Alistair Begg and Parkside Church. The conference speakers this year included Begg, Sinclair Ferguson and John Shearer–all Scots! I had a phenomenal time. I enjoyed the fellowship of Richard Valade, with whom I traveled, as well as a number of fellow students from TBS.

Below are links to the conference audio (video is also available), which I would recommend listening to. Each sermon and lecture was awesome and I will listen to them again and again.

I do want to pick out one as a particularly important file to download and listen to. John Shearer’s talk on “Reflections and Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry” is very important for pastors and aspiring pastors to listen to. John pastors a small Baptist church in Musselburgh, Scotland (see Musselburgh Baptist Church). It isn’t large or well-known, but he is a faithful pastor. His reflections were humbling, convicting, funny and powerful. That one session was the highlight of the conference for me–and that says a lot because I was completely dumbfounded by Ferguson on Union with Christ!

Session 1: Distinctives of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 2: Union with Christ for Christian Living (Ferguson)

Session 3: The Word of the Cross (Begg)

Session 4: Union with Christ for Pastoral Ministry (Ferguson)

Session 5: Duties of the Man of God (Shearer)

Session 6: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified (Begg)

Panel Discussion: Begg, Ferguson, and Shearer

Breakout 1: Practical Pointers on Expositional Preaching (Begg)

Breakout 2:  Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (Ferguson)

Breakout 3: Reflections and Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry (Shearer)



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3 responses to “Basics 2010

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  2. Rod

    Yes…It was a great conference. I love the Basics conference as it was pure nurture and nourishment for the soul of an ordinary pastor. Did you notice that not once did any of the men hit one of the “hot topics” of the day (except the Penal Substitution application in Alistair’s sessions – but not up front and central). I was encouraged, edified and thankful to be “In Christ”.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Clary, for providing this audio. The sermons of Alistair Begg are so consistently a blessing for me in my spiritual maturation.

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