Pray for the Glenn Family

Ray David Glenn is the rector of St. George’s Anglican church in Burlington. In the last week or so his wife Rhonda was found to have a tumor lodged deep in her brain. The Glenns are dear Christians and Ray David is a faithful minister of the gospel. St. George’s Anglican is part of the Anglican Network in Canada–if you know anything of their struggles due to their strength of conviction, then you know the kind of man that Ray David is. I first met him over a year ago at a Simeon Trust preaching workshop–we were workshop partners and I remember thinking he was a snazzy dresser. After meeting him and his fellow ministers I was deeply impressed with their evangelical commitment.

Pray for Rhonda that God would do a miraculous work of healing. Pray also that God would bear her up in Christ through this terrible time of suffering. Pray for Ray David that he would be strong for her and their son Matthew. Pray also that the Lord would strengthen his own heart. Pray for Matthew, this is horrible for a child to go through. Finally, pray that God would be glorified in all of this, because this is the type of prayer that the Glenns are modelling for us.

For updates see the news section of the St. George’s website:

Put them on your prayer lists and pray regularly!

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