Ted Donnelly on Hell

Ted Donnelly, a well-known Reformed Presbyterian from Ireland, has an excellent sermon series on hell. There are a number of subjects that get little attention in evangelical preaching and unfortunately hell is one of them. But if hell is a real place, and it is, then any preacher that wittingly or unwittingly fails to address it is holds some measure of responsibility. It’s like a person who knows that the bridge ahead is washed out and says nothing about it. That person is culpable for the deaths of any who careen over the edge. Likewise, if preachers, teachers and evangelists never speak of hell they are culpable–not ultimately culpable, that responsibility lies with the one who goes to hell, but culpable none-the-less.

A funny story, a number of years ago a couple of TBS students (I will leave them nameless) led a college and career study. They decided to do a four-week series listening to Donnelly on hell. I guess it scared the tar out of some in attendance!

So here is Donnelly:

Why Should We Think About Hell?

What Does The Bible Teach About Hell?

What Will Hell Be Like?

What Effect Should This Have Upon Us?


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