Be Challies’ Friend…Pleeeaaasseeee!

Tim Challies, the infamous evangelical blogger, has started up a “Friends of the Blog” program that I recently joined and would highly recommend that you do too! It involves a yearly subscription of $39/year, but the rewards for being a subscriber at this point value at $160. So, for instance, some of the neat things you get include: subscription to Tabletalk magazine, free book from Zondervan, free book from Reformation Heritage, lots of free music, etc.
In Tim’s words: “When you become a Friend of the Blog you receive immediate access to each of these benefits, along with all the others to be announced over the course of your one-year subscription. Already there is at least $160 in value in things you will actually use, read, listen to! And there is more to come.”
To sign up, clink the link below:

Become a Friend of a Friend


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