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Last Saturday I attended the Canadian meeting of The Gospel Coalition. The speakers were Don Carson and Mike Bullmore. In one of Carson’s sessions he recommended the TGC website as a one-stop resource for articles, audio and video. One of his suggestions, to combat becoming a clone of one personality or another, was to listen to fifty different preachers hosted at the TGC website. Fifty seems like quite a lot! But his point is well-taken. For what it’s worth, here are my suggestions on who to listen to, though I doubt I’ll get to fifty. Though a person may not be on this list, it does not mean that I haven’t appreciated their ministry. The ones whom I have included stand out in particular as helpful to me. I have placed in bold the ones whom I turn to regularly. In an almost random order, these are the preachers and teachers who have benefited me the most:

Daniel Akin – I spent a short bit of time with Dr. Akin, who is president of Southeastern Baptist Seminary. He is a mover and shaker in the SBC, a great preacher and a good man.

Jerram Barrs – teaches at Covenant Seminary.

Voddie Baucham – I share a lot of political views with Baucham. His book on raising a family is excellent.

Alistair Begg – What more needs to be said about Begg? He’s Scottish, a Baptist, and acted in a movie about golf.

Gerald Bray – A world class patristic and Reformation historian. Anything this man does should be read or listened to!

Mark Driscoll – Though he is controversial at times and though I don’t always agree with him, he is insightful. At the very least, he’s funny.

Sinclair Ferguson – Another Scot. Probably the most affective sermon I have ever experienced was at a Banner of Truth conference some years ago when he preached on Romans 5:12ff. Amazing stuff.

John Frame – I appreciate Frame’s candour and courage to be his own man. He has done a lot to further our understanding of philosophy, apologetics and the Lordship of Christ.

Michael Haykin – A personal friend, mentor and former boss. I personally think he’s one of the best speakers and preachers around. You get a whole head and heart load of theology, history, spirituality and bible from this man.

C.J. Mahaney – I admit that I don’t listen to a lot of C.J.’s stuff, but his books are great. You will learn humility from him. Mahaney is the head of Sovereign Grace Ministries that is a great ministry of Reformed renewal.

J.I. Packer – Elder-statesman of evangelicalism. Everything he writes is a classic. I hardly turn to matters of theology and history without consulting him. I can’t say enough about him.

John Stott – A great British Anglican who has done much for the church.

Carl Trueman – Trueman has wit, insight and guts. I almost always agree with his analysis of the church and culture. Even when I don’t agree with him, I learn much. He is an Owen scholar and historical theologian extraordinare. Highly recommended.

David Wells – This theologian’s take on contemporary evangelicalism is prophetic and wise. A great writer and speaker.

Richard Bauckham – I am amazed at this powerhouse New Testament scholar at how much of a generalist he is. He is an expert in English church history, millennialism, biblical studies, etc. Sometimes he is tough-slogging because of the technical nature of his work, but it pays in spades to read him.

G.K. Beale – A consistently Reformed theologian in the academy who loves the church. A great biblical scholar who stands faithful to the tenets of the Christian faith. His commentary on Revelation is second to none.

Mike Bullmore – I have only recently heard about Bullmore due to him being at a recent TGC conference. A very humble man and a clear communicator. Another SGM guy.

Iain Campbell – One more Scot, and this from the Isle of Lewis! A great Reformed historian and excellent preacher.

D.A. Carson – Carson is one of the most important evangelicals today. His output is prolific and his generalism is beyond believing. A New Testament scholar educated at Cambridge, he writes and speaks on everything from verbal aspect to just war theory, postmodernism to Johannine theology, Christian living to the New Testament use of the Old Testament. Thank God for Don Carson!

Tim Challies – Tim is a friend. I’ve been a personal witness to his wisdom and am amazed that a man as young as he is has such insight into life and the Christian faith.

Leon Morris – Late Australian Anglican who did much to wrest evangelicalism from liberalism. His work The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross is rightly a classic.

Tom Schreiner – I took Romans with Schreiner at TBS. He is a great New Testament scholar and a super nice guy. I listen to his debate on baptism with David VanDrunen over and over.

Thabiti Anyabwile – A congenial, happy, godly man. I just want to hug him. I’ve heard him preach and speak a number of times. He’s the kind of guy that I could listen to for hours. His work on the decline of the African-American church and theology is much needed.

Joel Beeke – President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Beeke is one of my favourite preachers. He is so prolific and does much for the glory of God. I have had the opportunity to spend time with him on two occasions and the one word that I feel summarises this man is: godly.

Mark Dever – I think that Dever is likely a genius–he remembers names like no other. Dever’s love for the purity of the church and the desire to see her reformed has caught on in many circles and is the cause of great renewal. A solid Baptist and church historian as well as a pastor, Dever is another gift to the church.

David Helm – One of the leaders involved with The Simeon Trust, I have attended two conferences where he taught about preaching. His work has been formative in my own sermon preparation and preaching.

Tim Keller – Keller is the pastor of an urban church in Manhattan. He has a great ability to communicate the gospel to postmoderns in a place like NYC. I don’t always agree with him, but I do learn a lot from his method and approach to culture.

Alistair McGrath – McGrath formerly taught at Oxford, now he is at King’s College, London. An apologist, an historian and a former scientist, McGrath is utterly brilliant. He is a leading expert on the Reformation. A man who has PhD’s in biology and historical theology is a genius in my books!

Albert Mohler – The President of Southern Seminary, he is a leader in American evangelicalism and forged the way for Baptist renewal in the SBC. A great cultural commentator and solid theologian.

Paul Tripp – The Tripp brothers are very important for the work they do in nouthetic counselling. Paul’s Shepherding a Child’s Heart is must-reading for all parents.

Bruce Waltke – While controversial in some circles for his views on evolution, Waltke is a premier Old Testament theologian.

John Piper – Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. Piper is a huge reason why Reformed theology has been so influential amongst younger people. A powerful, affective preacher. He has the ability, in his sermons and written work, to hit you between the eyes.

I don’t know how many that is, but these are my recommended preachers/teachers. Again, for what it’s worth.



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3 responses to “Suggested TGC Audio

  1. Cindy Udall

    Thanks Ian, this list is great! Most had me nodding in agreement as they have taught me so much over the years, and I also picked up a couple new teachers to check out too. Might you have a link to the Sinclair Ferguson sermon you mentioned?

    • I wish I did! If I could find it, I’d listen to it over and over. I can remember with clarity sitting in the pew listening to him speak of Christ and salvation and feeling like I was having an out of body experience!

  2. Cindy Udall

    Yeah…I definitely know what you mean! Have you ever listened to his 3 lectures on the “Marrow Controversy”? You can get them at SF preaching the grace of God through Jesus Christ as beautifully as I’ve ever heard anyone do so! Outside of my own church, SF and Ligon Duncan are my main source of spiritual food.

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