Communion with God Study Guide

Ryan McGraw, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Conway, South Carolina has recently posted a 49 page study guide to John Owen’s devotional work Communion with God. You can find the PDF file at Meet the Puritans, where McGraw blogs. Communion with God has rightly become a classic amongst lovers of all things Puritan, and now this study guide should prove a useful tool as one reads through it. McGraw explains why he spent the time and energy to make such a guide available:

I have no hesitation in saying that, apart from Holy Scripture, John Owen’s Communion with God is the most important book that I have ever read. For most Christians, the Trinity is a carefully defined doctrine that they must believe; yet it has little practical significance. In Communion with God, Owen presents the doctrine of the Trinity as the most intensely practical and personal doctrine in Scripture. This book has transformed my preaching, my prayers, my personal assurance of salvation, and its ideas have pervaded virtually every other aspect of practical holiness. For these reasons, I have put together this study guide for the use of our own congregation, and hope that it may be used of God to more widely promote the use of Owen’s work by many churches.


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