Puritan Reformed Journal – January 2010

The new issue of the Puritan Reformed Journal is now available – and it’s absolutely massive! There is a wide variety of topics covered and it looks excellent.

Check it out {HT: Meet the Puritans}:

Biblical Studies

The Jews’ View of the Old Testament—David Murray

An Everlasting House: An Exegesis of 2 Samuel 7—Maarten Kuivenhoven

Applying Christ’s Supremacy: Learning from Hebrews—Gerald M. Bilkes

Systematic and Historical Theology

“Hot Protestants”: A Taxonomy of English Puritanism—Ian Hugh Clary

John Bunyan and His Relevance for Today—Pieter Devries

Samuel Petto (c. 1624 –1711): A Portrait of a Puritan Pastor Theologian—Michael G.Brown

James Durham (1622–1658) and the Free Offer of the Gospel—Donald John MaClean

The Ceremonial or Moral Law: Jonathan Edwards’s Old Perspective on an Old Error—Craig Biehl

Experiential Theology

The Theological Foundation and Goal of Piety in Calvin and Erasmus—Timothy J.Gwin

Thomas Watson: The Necessity of Meditation Jennifer C.Neimeyer

Was Samuel Rutherford a Mystic?—Robert Arnold

The “Sense of the Heart”: Edwards’s Public Expression of His Pietistic Understanding of Religious Experience—Karin Spiecker Stetina

Pastoral Theology and Missions

John Owen and the Third Mark of the Church— Stephen Yuille

Jeremiah Burroughs on Worship—James Davison

Samuel Davies: One of America’s Greatest Revival Preachers—John E. Skidmore

A Pastor’s Analysis of Emphases in Preaching: Two False Dichotomies and Three Conclusions—Ryan M. McGraw

“For God’s Glory (and) for the Good of Precious Souls”: Calvinism and Missions in the Piety of Samuel Pearce (1766–1799)—Michael A. G. Haykin

Contemporary and Cultural Issues

Handling Error in the Church: Martin Downes Interviewing Joel R. Beeke

Interview with Geoff Thomas

Practical Lessons from the Life of Idelette Calvin— Joel R. Beeke

The “Little Church”: Raising a Spiritual Family with Jonathan Edwards—Peter Beck



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2 responses to “Puritan Reformed Journal – January 2010

  1. Good to see your article here Ian. I have a review in it I think but haven’t gotten my copy yet.

  2. Colin

    Nice to see your name in print, man

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