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James Ussher – ODNB – Alexander Gordon – 1921-22

USSHER, JAMES (1581-1656), arch-
bishop of Armagh, second but elder surviv-
ing son of Arland (Arnoldus) Ussher (d.
12 Aug. 1598), clerk of the Irish court ol
chancery, by his wife Margaret (d. Novem-
ber 1626), daughter of James Stanyhurst
[see under STANYHURST, RICHARD], was born
in Nicholas Street, parish of St. Nicholas
Within, Dublin, on 4 Jan. 1580-1.  Continue reading 

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Gospel Coalition in Hamilton

The Gospel Coalition will be holding a conference in Hamilton, Ontario on April 24, 2010. The speakers will be Don Carson and Mike Bullmore. They will be discussing the gospel and the need for gospel coalition. I’ll be there…you can count on that! More info here.

Christian Faithfulness in the Last Days: The Need for the Gospel Coalition
D. A. Carson  |  2 Tim 3:1-4:8

The Functional Centrality of the Gospel
Mike Bullmore  |  1 Cor 15

New Beginning: What Is the Gospel and How Does It Work?
D. A. Carson  |  John 3:1-21

Entrusted with the Gospel: Communicating the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age
Mike Bullmore  |  1 Thess 2:1-16

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Puritan Reformed Journal – January 2010

The new issue of the Puritan Reformed Journal is now available – and it’s absolutely massive! There is a wide variety of topics covered and it looks excellent.

Check it out {HT: Meet the Puritans}:

Biblical Studies

The Jews’ View of the Old Testament—David Murray

An Everlasting House: An Exegesis of 2 Samuel 7—Maarten Kuivenhoven

Applying Christ’s Supremacy: Learning from Hebrews—Gerald M. Bilkes

Systematic and Historical Theology

“Hot Protestants”: A Taxonomy of English Puritanism—Ian Hugh Clary

John Bunyan and His Relevance for Today—Pieter Devries

Samuel Petto (c. 1624 –1711): A Portrait of a Puritan Pastor Theologian—Michael G.Brown

James Durham (1622–1658) and the Free Offer of the Gospel—Donald John MaClean

The Ceremonial or Moral Law: Jonathan Edwards’s Old Perspective on an Old Error—Craig Biehl

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