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New City Baptist Flyer

With some slight moderations, the new flyer for New City Baptist Church looks like this:

A voice of renewal in the city.


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Narrowing an Appelative

The debate is as old as the hills – are Baptists to use the historical moniker “Reformed”? It was recently picked up by James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries who offered some critiques of R. Scott Clark. Clark, who teaches at Westminster West, in turn responded and most recently Michael Haykin of Southern Seminary has weighed in. You can check each out at their respective links.

I would like to reprint in full a comment made on Clark’s blog by Bob Gonzales of Reformed Baptist Seminary. I think he makes a lot of sense:

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Moral Outrage – Burning Flag

Here’s a video of my old band Moral Outrage {HT: Tim McCready} playing Burning Flag at the Belle River Community Centre in 1998:

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Tentative Thesis Bibliography

For some reason I can’t get the footnotes to appear in my post on my thesis proposal. For an idea of the works that I’m using, here is my bibliography. A huge thanks is due to Crawford Gribben for most of the Ussher resources! This bibliography has already grown and will continue to do so – especially in terms of primary sources from the Patristic and Post-Reformation periods.

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The Athanasius of Our Century: Thesis Proposal

I just found out today that my thesis proposal for the master of theology program at Toronto Baptist Seminary was accepted. I will defend it (DV) in either late March or early December. My supervisor is Michael Haykin and hopefully Crawford Gribben and Dennis Ngien will be readers. This is all very exciting!

“The Athanasius of Our Century”: An Evaluation of James Ussher’s Immanuel In Light of Patristic Christology

Though he is relatively unknown today, James Ussher (1581-1656), Archbishop of Armagh was one of seventeenth-century Britain’s most influential figures. If in the twenty-first-century Ussher is known at all, it would largely be due to his famous chronology Annales veteris et novi testamenti (1650-1654), a work of immense learning for its day and still popular amongst young earth creationists for its dating of the world’s creation at 4004 BC. If Ussher is to be remembered only for this singular writing project and not for his other important contributions to the academy and the church, the annals of history have played him a bad card. Ussher was nothing short of a prodigious scholar and committed churchman and it is this reputation that should be retained.

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Calgary Conference

Exciting news for those in Alberta. Calvary Grace Church in Calgary will be hosting their annual Calvary Grace Conference this January 29 and 30, 2010. Their guest speakers are Vishal Mangalwadi and Art Azurdia. Although I haven’t read or listened to anything by Azurdia, I am a big fan of Mangalwadi. His book on William Carey is excellent.
For more information about the conference check out the website.

{HT: Cowboyology}

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New City Baptist Church – An Expose (John Bell)

This is the interview that John Bell did speaking about New City Baptist Church and his role with it:

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New City Baptist Church – An Expose (Ian Clary)

This is an interview that I did last week speaking about New City Baptist Church and my role with it:

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J. -P. Migne

Two extremely important resources for patristic studies are J. -P. Migne’s Patrologia Graeca and Patrologia Latinae. I must say that I am quite happy to find them online. {HT: PRDL}.

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Post-Reformation Digital Library

The H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies (I have their mug) at Calvin College and Seminary host the Post-Reformation Digital Library. It is a collection of documents from every thinker in the Reformed and Lutheran tradition from the Magisterial Reformation to probably the mid-eighteenth century. This included works by the Reformed orthodox as well as heretical groups such as the Socinians and Unitarians. There is also a good selection of secondary source material and links to sites dealing with patristic and medieval literature. This is a great one-stop-place for everything related to the study of this tradition and era. Most of what they’ve amassed comes from Google Books, so not a lot of it is newly scanned material. But it is great to have it all in one place. Here’s the material by Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656):

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