Globe Article on Theology Pubs

For the last year or so I’ve been going to the monthly gathering of theologues for a pint at Toronto’s “Theology Pub.” Apparently these pubs are bigger than I realised. Darryl Dash, who organises our Toronto gathering, is intereviewed in the Globe and Mail (here).

This month’s pub night is Monday and the topic for discussion is John Calvin, it being the 500th anniversary of his birth this year. Here’s the website for information – you’re more than welcome to come!

For the beer of Calvin’s choice, check out Calvinus!



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6 responses to “Globe Article on Theology Pubs

  1. Colin

    Thanks for the link. I regret missing the last Theology pub! so glad its starting up again. And by the way, the painting depicted in the Globe article is by Reubens. A weird detail: One of the men is holding the burial shroud with his mouth

  2. Colin

    Actually, on closer inspection, its not the painting I thought it was, but its definitely from the same era, influenced by Reubens

  3. Don

    I just love a good buzz from a pint or four.

    • Well, you’re always welcome back! We’re meeting at a different pub this season, somewhere in Etobicoke – I haven’t been yet because of the new baby.
      God bless!

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