Upcoming NCB Related Events

The next little while will be busy for New City Baptist. Here’s a list of things we’ll have involvement in one way or another:

1) October 16, 2009 – John will be speaking at Grace Fellowship Church‘s singles night. A time of fellowship will start at 7pm. Worship in song at 7:45pm and John will speak at 8pm. GFC is our “mother” church and we’re thrilled that John was invited to speak!

2) November 20, 2009 – The denomination that NCB is part of, the Sovereign Grace Fellowship, will be hosting their annual General Assembly at Trinity Baptist Church in Burlington. It was at last year’s GA that NCB was taken on as a plant. We’re extremely thankful to the churches who have supported us over the last year.

3) Once a month on Mondays – GFC and SGF co-sponsor the Toronto Pastor’s Fellowship. This is predominantly a gathering of pastors, though others are more than welcome, who come together for fellowship and a time of intellectual stimulation. The first meeting was this past Monday where David Robinson encouraged pastors to find their competence in God.


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