Updates About Ezra Vesapogu

About two years ago I came into the acquaintance of Ezra Vesapogu, an Indian national who claimed to have a powerful ministry in India that saw the planting of hundreds of Reformed Baptist Churches. As things like this often do, it turned out that Ezra deceived myself and a host of others. Ezra lied about a number of things including his testimony, the nature of his ministry, the number of his ministry, etc. Sadly, many good people invested time and money into Ezra for nothing.

Yesterday I received a phone-call from Ezra requesting that I take my posts about him down from my blog. Instead of doing that, I left them up with an update briefly detailing the sad events. I also provided contact information for North Shore Baptist Church in New York – they were the ones who had supported Ezra the most and sadly were the worst effected by him.

Ezra claims to have been “restored” and that he made amends with everyone he hurt. I can personally attest to the reality that he did not do this. None of the people in New York have heard from him. He is now running a “ministry” called Share Ministries. If you hear from Ezra and are considering doing any work with him – please don’t! Contact North Shore first and find out the details of what happened. He also claims to be “Rev. Dr. Ezra Vesapogu.” When I knew Ezra he was in no doctoral program, so how he has a doctorate is beyond me.

(Ezra is the bald man with the mustache in the picture above)

Here are the links to the two posts that I updated about Ezra:



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8 responses to “Updates About Ezra Vesapogu

  1. Its very sad when man’s natural inclination towards independence causes them to corrupt the pastoral ministry by shirking their responsibility to their God given authority and go out and start “churches” on their own . To declare yourself restored is one thing, to bear fruits worthy of repentance is another.

    • So the story went, it was through evangelism that the churches started. As it turns out, we don’t know if there are any churches at all. He either paid or coerced people to go to rallies, etc. Considering that he lied to me on the phone two days ago, I would say he’s not bearing any fruits of repentance.

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m glad the second google entry about this man is your blog (with the update).

  3. Me too! The other search makes you think he’s got a doctorate!

  4. marknen

    It makes me wonder.. If he really made amends and is really restored, don’t you think he ought to take a bit of a break? I mean, God can restore people, but if someone steals cookies from the cookie jar, isn’t it a little suspicious if they appoint themselves keeper of the cookies quickly afterwards? It almost seems like its “OK. Great. Yeah, yeah. I repented. Now that I got THAT out of the way, let me get back to MY business”. Sounds fishy. Sure God is gracious and can use people who have seriously violated their trust, but don’t they need a “some time in Arabia” first so to speak? And I’d say its probably pretty rare…

    • You’ve nailed it on the head. Aside from the fact that the guys at North Shore have confirmed that Ezra has done nothing to repent and be restored, it’s true that a long time of restoration would have to occur. In the mean time, he’s apparently gotten a doctorate!
      Thanks for the link on your blog about it. Much appreciated.

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  6. We see these things on a smaller scale as well. A guy shows up at a church, makes a comittment to that body, decides for some reason or another that he wants to do something else, is reminded of that comittment but is autonomos. He gets mad, decides that he does not have to honor his comittment because after all the ministrey is not really a valid one. Does nothing to try and remedy that pboblem but instead drags the pastor;s good name through the mud, is rebuked, ignores the rebuke and then leaves and goes off and statrs his own church having never really done anything to restore the broken relationship or bew restored. We see this sort of thing all the time.

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