Moo on the TNIV

My friend Darryl Dash has posted an interview that he just did with Douglas Moo on the new 2011 NIV that is to be published by Zondervan and the discontinuation of the TNIV – something I must say that I’m quite disappointed about. Our church plant uses the TNIV and we really like it.

Check out the interview and the related links that Darryl has posted, it’s all quite good.

Interview with Douglas Moo on the 2011 NIV.”



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6 responses to “Moo on the TNIV

  1. It sure is a good thing God made the Bible an open source document. We’ll get one we all like eventually.

    I’m being sarcastic.

    But seriously, does this make the TNIV the Windows Vista of Bible translations?

    • Hehe. Ya, I guess it does. I’m just bummed out because it filled a real gap: a gender accurate and conservative bible translation. The last thing I want is to use the NRSV or the NLT, but I find the ESV so old sounding. I have hopes for this 2011 NIV though.

  2. Dan

    The way the interview reads, the 2011 NIV will be a continuation of what was done with the TNIV. I mean it’s from the same organization probably the bulk of the scholars are probably the same given that only four years have elapsed.

  3. CG

    This is funny, because Ian’s influence was part of the reason I switched to the ESV (from the NKJV from the NIV)! Maybe I should just go back.

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