Jesus: The True Temple

The bible is put together in a remarkable way and the more I learn about it, the more I’m in awe. Redemptive history ties the biblical stories together into one big story line that has Jesus Christ – the incarnate God – as the central figure. One way that this story line plays itself out is with the theme of God’s presence. Whether it’s in the Garden, or the pillar of fire, the tabernacle, the temple, or ultimately Jesus Christ and the new heavens and new earth – this story is thrilling!

Reading about it is one thing – as in G.K. Beale’s recent (and awesome) book The Temple and the Church’s Mission (IVP, 2004). But hearing about it, especially in sermon form, is quite another. A couple of Sundays ago John Bell preached an excellent sermon at New City Baptist on Jesus as the true temple that I would highly suggest people listen to. Here’s the link. Here’s the outline:

Part 18: Jesus, the True Temple

1) Jesus Clears the Temple (13-17)  

2) Jesus Replaces the Temple (18-22)

3) No Temple in the New Jerusalem 
   (Rev. 21:22)


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