Faith Cook on Biography

Faith Cook is a fantastic writer. Of the number of biographies that she has written over the years, two stand out: Selina and The Nine Days Queen. Cook is a committed, Reformed Christian and also a stellar historian. Her works are never dry and she supplies readers with both scholarly research and good spiritual interpretations.

At the Theology Network site she has an article entitled “Why Read Christian Biography?” {HT: Challies} In it she offers six reasons:

1) It helps us understand God’s past acts
2) It helps us appreciate the spiritual life
3) We see gospel theology in action
4) It provides us with appropriate warnings
5) It shows us how to suffer rightly
6) It gives us principles and patterns

Her concluding paragraph is worth quoting:

Perhaps the greatest blessing of all that comes from reading Christian biography, and one that should encourage us to start if we have not done so already, is the assurance that our God is an unchanging God. All that he has done in the past he can repeat in our day. His power in unlimited, his grace as plentiful. He is still able to take up men and women who earnestly seek him and use them effectively in whatever sphere he may chose. As we read, we enter into a great heritage of two thousand years of devotion and service to the God of heaven. And who can tell what he might yet do for us even today?


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