BlogTO on the Toronto Storm

There are some great shots at BlogTO of Toronto’s storm yesterday that saw tornado damage in parts of the city. The one above is my favourite, of the storm sweeping over the downtown. It’s from a slightly different angle than the view from my apartment, but it’s essentially the same. Wow.



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3 responses to “BlogTO on the Toronto Storm

  1. I appologize for commenting on this photo because my comment has nothing to do with the photo.

    but this is the only place i can find to contact you.

    i saw your twitter post: Greg Thornbury’s description of Tupelo vs. Las Vegas spirituality was very thought provoking – and convicting.

    And I would love to get a hold of that description/speech/note or whatever it was to read/hear that…if possible.


    • I don’t have a copy of it, but if it was recorded, the MP3 should be at the Andrew Fuller Center’s website.
      It was a really good lecture.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Dan

    That’s a better view of the storm than I had, mine was head down, dashing out of Soundscapes on College to get to my car parked around the corner.

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