Libraries of Seventeenth Century Primates

Long Room

Long Room

Dr. Andrew Cambers of the University of Exeter has a 26 page report on the libraries of post-Reformation Primates in the British Isles. Of interest to myself is the section on James Ussher’s personal library of some 10,000 volumes which formed the bedrock of Trinity College Dublin’s library. Also included are Cranmer, Parker, Wolsey, Loftus, etc. It is hosted by the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at the University of York.

Check out: “Archbishops and their Books: Ecclesiastical Libraries in Post-Reformation Britain.”



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3 responses to “Libraries of Seventeenth Century Primates

  1. Colin

    *whistle* Impressive.

  2. thomasgoodwin

    I was in there with Crawford and Jeff Jue; it was awesome. Have you been in the TCD library?

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