Schwa for Sale



My good buddy Colin Giesbrecht is an art student at the Ontario College of Art and Design. We’ve all known that he’s an extremely talented artist ever since his now infamous chalk board sketches of famous theologians that he’d spend all night working on so TBS students could be dazzled in their 8am Greek class!

Colin, who blogs at Multroneous, has a piece of art that he’s put up for sale called Schwa. It’s abstract, 32″x24″, acrylic on wood, going for $600 + shipping. I really like the piece and if I had $600 to spare, I’d buy it. I could totally see this hanging over a fire place in a coffee shop on Queen West or something. If you’re interested, or know someone who is, email Colin:

(I’ve posted the pic he sent with the flash reflecting back on purpose so that nobody is going to be tempted to use this photo for anything without Colin’s permission. The one’s without the flash give you a better idea of what it looks like).



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2 responses to “Schwa for Sale

  1. That’s a great piece. I’d love to get it. But I’m not sure I want it $600 bad…

    • Maybe he’d negotiate?
      I spoke with Colin and he’s up for meeting you. It’d have to be at his place cause he doesn’t want to lug it around. He lives downtown TO. The only day he can’t is Wednesday because he has class. He prefers afternoons. I’ll talk to you about it at the game tonight.

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