Toronto Pastors Conference

Here is the audio (video will come soon, pics are here) from last week’s Toronto Pastors Conference held at Richview Baptist and hosted by Grace Fellowship Church and the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada. It was an excellent conference. The speakers – Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker and Carl Muller – were fantastic. The general topic was on building healthy churches.

Pastors, if you didn’t go, and you come across this blog, please take the time to download and listen to the lectures. You and your church will be glad that you did. I’ve read Dever’s book Nine Marks of A Healthy Church twice now as well as some others and have listened to a lot of the audio resources at the Nine Marks Ministries site, so I didn’t think that I would learn much at this conference. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a lot of useful things that I had never thought of before. Especially the second last session on leadership where Dever spent a lot of time talking about the role of the congregation in leadership.

Session 1 – Displaying God’s Glorious Gospel (Schmucker)
Session 2 – Preaching & Biblical Theology (Dever)
Encouragement For The Pastor’s Soul (Muller)
Session 3 – Gospel, Conversion & Evangelism (Dever)
Panel Discussion & Questions – Dever, Schmucker and Martin
Session 4 – Membership, Discipline & Discipleship (Schmucker)
Do You Like Jesus? (Dever)
Session 5 – Leadership (Dever)
Session 6 – Covenanting Together (Schmucker)



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6 responses to “Toronto Pastors Conference

  1. Good stuff, Ian. I’m about half-way through listening to the messages and I already agree with your observations – there is lots to learn from this crew yet! I particularly appreciated Matt Schmucker’s “Image is Everything” summary.

    I heard you on a Q&A, you rebel. You should know that you can’t get away with just a first name when you’re asking a question of Mark Dever. Sounds like you were sitting in the back, too.

    Youth today ….

    • Youth! Ha! I’m 31!
      I thought Schmucker’s approach to the church was outstanding. Firm, uncompromising, biblical, balanced. Yeah, Dever made a joke out of a number of us. Ah well. I must say though, I was impressed with his ability to remember names. Although you’ll notice when he makes sport of me a little later in the conference that he forgot my name!

  2. I like you Ian. And now I like you more. I can’t think of anyone who would put up a picture of Schmucker and not Dever, in seeking to promote this conference. But it’s not about the big famous guys is it? That picture alone is a great encouragement to me. God bless ya.

    Now, don’t write and say that it wasn’t your first choice.

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