Goodwin on Weekly Communion

To cut the confusion: Mark Jones is doing his dissertation on the seventeenth century Puritan Thomas Goodwin. In light of this, Jones has a blog called Thomas Goodwin. So…at Thomas Goodwin he has a post on Thomas Goodwin on the Lord’s Supper. In it, he explains Goodwin’s view that the Supper should be administered every week, a position I adhere to. Here’s a block quote by Goodwin:

As good housekeepers have some constant provision of store, as corn, beef, and the like, beside all occasional dainties that, like fowl and fish, come in to their tables, so God hath laid up all spiritual provisions for us; and to be sure you have Christ himself for one standing dish continually served up to you … a dish that fills all, and serves all tastes … Many things in a sermon thou understandest not … but here to be sure (in the Lord’s Supper) thou mayest … Of sermons, some are for comfort, some to inform, and some to excite; but here in the sacrament is all thou canst expect.’



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2 responses to “Goodwin on Weekly Communion

  1. CG

    Remove that block quote at once. And use a footnote!

  2. Maybe I don’t want you as a reader!

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