Review: The Baptism of Disciples Alone (Malone)

Here is a review that I wrote of the first edition of Fred Malone’s book The Baptism of Disciples Alone: A Covenantal Argument for Credobaptism Versus Paedobaptism (Founders Press).

On a related note, I recently listened to an awesome debate between Thom Schreiner of Southern Seminary and David Van Drunen of Westminster West on the subject of baptism. Schreiner was very good – and though I’m a biased Baptist – I believe he won the debate.

Schreiner on Credobaptism
VanDrunen on Paedobaptism
Interactive Forum



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8 responses to “Review: The Baptism of Disciples Alone (Malone)

  1. marknen

    You are biased! Become a Presbyterian already so you can start being neutral :)

  2. Mike

    By the quote of 1 Cor 10:2 above I assume our Presbyterian brethren are all card carrying paedo communionists, as is the only implication from 1 Cor 10:3, to be consistent that is.

    • My buddy Rogers is, I’m pretty sure, a paedocommunionist. I would argue that it’s consistent for him to be one, considering his very Presbyterian view of the covenant.

      • Mike

        It may be consistent theologically, but as an ex-paedobaptist I would argue it is exegetically in error and contrast to St. Paul 1 Cor 11:26-29. The danger lies in allowing theology to contradict scripture. I was one who had all the theological consistency and rhetoric down-the only problem is there is a majority of reason filling in blanks rather than allowing just the contexts of the baptism passages speaking for themselves. Reason and logic must bow and humble themselves to the text.

  3. Well my point is that they were all baptized.

  4. even the infants……….

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