24 Baptisms

New City Baptist is one of two church plants from Grace Fellowship Church. The second plant is Grace Chapel in Markham, pastored by Habib Sakr. This past Lord’s Day New City Baptist and Grace Fellowship canceled services in order to witness twenty-four baptisms at Grace Chapel! Julian, an elder at Grace Fellowship, posted video footage of the baptisms. It’s quite moving to watch.



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3 responses to “24 Baptisms

  1. Coincidentally, I work with Maja Topalian who attends Grace Chapel. She told me all about the service.

    By the by, this new ESV study bible may turn me from my NPP ways Ian. It’s pretty awesome. Do you have one yet?

    I trust all is well.

    One year you and I are going to have to get together eh? :)

  2. I don’t know any of the people yet at Grace Chapel, but it looks like an awesome church. I do know Habib fairly well and he’s an awesome guy. A faithful minister of the gospel.
    I haven’t picked up the ESV study bible yet. I have so many study bibles, that unless I get it fairly cheap, or as a gift, I doubt I’ll get it. But it does look fantastic and I often push it on customers at Crux.
    Dude, you should have come out to the theology pub this past Monday, we had Don Garlington speak on the Piper/Wright exchange and the NPP. It was great.
    Dr. Garlington has affinities with the NPP (he did his PhD under Dunn). He did a really good job of laying it all out.
    Yes, bro, we need to grab a beer some time!!!

  3. Oh man that would have been awesome to hear. I’m still waiting for a good treatment of Galatians from the OPP – I found the notes in the ESV kind of week. I think Gathercole did them. But I heard Don Carson’s coming out with a Pillar commentary on Galatians. That should be sweet.

    When’s the next theology pub? I’ll put it in my calendar so I can guarantee I’ll be there.

    By the by, I hear (from Dave Bell) that your lady is with child. Congrats bro!

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